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SOCS 315 Week 2 Quiz (MCQs) - 100% Correct Answers

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1. Question : During the mid-eighteenth century, parts of the Americas were controlled by all of the following empires EXCEPT: : Britain. France. Rome Spain.. ... 2. Question : Afghanistan: is ethnically homogenous. was part of the British Empire. has not been a good fit for the nation-state model. is categorized as a Newly Industrialized Country. 3. Question : The Munich analogy refers to: the inability of two large powers to reach agreement over a disputed territory. the development of the intractable conflict surrounding the state of Israel. the appeasement of an aggressive Nazi Germany by European leaders. the decision by President Clinton to intervene in Kosovo. 4. Question : Which of the following is NOT a method to promote nation- building? Having national symbols Having a collective memory Having an official language Having different regional identities 5. Question : Slaves were imported to the Americas primarily because: European residents needed house servants. the colonial economy needed agricultural labor. Catholic missionaries wanted to convert the slaves to Christianity. Colonial powers wanted to depopulate West Africa so Europeans could immigrate there. 6. Question : In 2011, which of the following countries best fit the definition of totalitarian? Mexico Serbia North Korea France 7. Question : Of the following countries, is NOT part of the “Global North.” Japan Brazil the United States France : 8. Question : Of the following dates, which best approximates the end of major colonial expansion by European powers? Instructor 1789 1848 1914 1958 9. Question : Alexander the Great ruled the Empire. Macedonian Mauryan Persian Roman 10. Question : Losing conflicts such as the first Anglo-Chinese War led to a Chinese legacy of calling the century the “century of humiliation.” seventeenth eighteenth nineteenth twentieth [Show More]

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