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NR507 Week 2 Quiz Study Guide Cellular Structure and Function: • Fluid Mosaic Model (plasma membrane) – composed of lipids, proteins, and carbohydrates in a bilayer arrangement. o Not static... , always moving o Functions:  Protection and maintenance of cell shape (lipids & proteins)  Formation of a selective transport system (proteins)  Cellular metabolism (proteins/enzymes)  Cell-to-cell recognition and interaction, including ability to bind ligands (hormones, cytokines, neurotransmitters) medications, and even pathogens (proteins & carbohydrates)  Cell-to-cell adhesion (proteins) • Structure of the cell along with their functions o Cytoplasm – physical space that the cell occupies; main site for protein synthesis and degradation o Organelles:  Nucleus – contains the genetic material DNA, that has the genetic instructions for everything that the cell will need to make to function  Ribosomes – make proteins to form the structure and enzymes, the functional unit for the cell  Peroxisome/lysosome – loaded with digestive enzymes and substances to break down not only cellular waste but foreign material that enters the cell.  Mitochondrion – power supply of the cell; energy cells needs is ATP; energy used for protein synthesis  Golgi Apparatus – membrane-type structures that will take the material produced in the ribosome and ******************************CONTINUES>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> [Show More]

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