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NR507 Advanced Patho Week 2 Quiz 1. All of the following are characteristics that occur with any type of acute inflammation except? p.214 a. Redness b. Pain c. Swelling d. Fever – mccance 2.... The primary phagocytic cells in the immune systems are (p. 199) a. Macrophages b. Mast Cells c. Eosinophils d. Cytotoxic T-Cells 3. Which of the ff is NOT a function of T- Cells? a. Antibody synthesis * b. Interleukin production c. Cell lysis d. Stimulation of B-cells 4. Chronic inflammation is defined as a long- term inflammatory response that last? P.214 a. More than 1 week b. More than 2 months c. More than 2 weeks * d. One or more year 5. The immune components to appear first in ANY immune response are? a. IgM b. T-cells c. Neutrophils * d. Eosinophils 6. Biopsy results for tumor staging would indicate? P. 394 a. Stage 1 tumor cells are well differentiated, and the patient has a good prognosis * b. Stage 4 tumor cells are well differentiated and not likely to metastasize c. Stage 2 tumor cells are poorly differentiated with spread to regional structures d. Stage 3 is localized evasion of cancer cells 7. The process by which tumors develop new vascular networks is? a. Angiogenesis b. Differentiation c. Anaplasia d. Apoptosis 8. The TNM classification system for clinical staging of cancer indicates p. 1238 a. Tumor size, node, metastasis* b. Tissue type, necrosis, mitosis rate c. Tissue type, necrosis, myosis rate d. Tumor size. Nodule, morphology 9. All of the ff are characteristics of benign cells EXCEPT? P.364 [Show More]

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