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BIOS-256 Week 2 Quiz # 2 (LATEST UPDATE) | 100% correct answers

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BIOS-256 Week 2 Quiz # 2 Question. What are the nonpolar parts of phospholipids? (Points : 3) Question. The polar portion of a cholesterol molecule, which forms hydrogen bonds with the polar heads o... f neighboring phospholipids and glycolipids, consists of a (Points : 3) Question. This type of membrane protein anchors cells to neighboring cells and to protein filaments found outside or inside the cell. (Points : 3) Question. Which of the following does NOT influence the rate of diffusion of a chemical across a plasma membrane? (Points : 3) Question. If the solute concentration is greater inside of the cell than outside the cell, water will move by osmosis (Points : 3) Question. Which of the following transport process uses vesicles formed at the plasma membrane to take up extracellular substances and import them into the cell? (Points : 3) Question. During phagocytosis, binding of a particle to a plasma membrane receptor triggers formation of _____, which are extensions of the plasma membrane of the phagocyte that eventually surround the particle forming a phagosome. (Points : 3) Question. This cellular organelle is comprised of a pair of centrioles and the surrounding pericentriolar material. (Points : 3) Question. Which of the following membrane-enclosed organelles contains several oxidases that are involved in oxidation of fatty acids and amino acids during normal metabolism and in detoxification of chemicals like alcohol in the liver? (Points : 3) Question. Which of the following membrane-enclosed organelles can engulf a worn-out organelle, digest its chemical components, and recycle those digested components? (Points : 3) Question. Briefly describe the fluid mosaic model. (Points : 5) Question. Briefly describe how proteins move through the Golgi complex. (Points : 5 [Show More]

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