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NR 601 Week 2 Test Your Knowledge – Compiled Questions and Answers elaborations | Download To Score An A

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Question: The cytochrome P system involves enzymes that are generally Question: The percentage of the FVC expired in one second Question: The best recommendation for a patient who states they have n... o equipment to exercise would be Question: A common auscultatory finding in advanced CHF is: Question: Patient education for the COPD patient is essential. The nurse practitioner knows that COPD education includes all except Question: What is the most common valvular heart disease in the older adult? Question: Polypharmacy is best described as taking Question: Aortic regurgitation requires medical treatment for early signs of CHF with Question: Preferred amount of exercise for older adults is: Question: The goal of COPD pharmacological therapy include all except Question: The nurse practitioner student knows that gold standard for diagnosis of COPD is Question: Which obstructive lung disease is classified as reversible? Question: The volume of air a patient is able to exhale for the total duration of the test during maximal effort? Question: Atypical presentation of disease in the elderly is reflected by all the following: Question: A 72-year old woman and her husband are on a cross-country driving vacation. After a long day of driving, they stop for dinner. Midway through the meal, the woman becomes very short of breath, with chest pain and a feeling of panic. Which of the following problem is most likely. Question: M is a 68-year old man who presents to your primary care practice for a physical. J.M. has had type 2 diabetes mellitus for 5 years, diet controlled. His BMI is 32. Smoker, 10 cigarettes a day for 20 years. He denies any other medical problem. Family history include CAD, CABGx4 for father, now deceased, CHF, type II DM, HTN for mother. According to the AHA/ACC guidelines, what stage is J.M.? Question: The best evidence rating drugs to consider in a post MI patients includes Question: All of the following statements are true about laboratory values in older adults except : Question: The volume of air in the lungs at maximal inflation Question: The impact of the physiological changes that occur with aging is: Question: You have completed the first follow up visit for a new COPD patient who is in stable condition. The patient asks how often he needs to follow up for COPD. The NP states stable COPD patients should return for follow up evaluation: Question: A 60-year old women with 30 pack year history, presents to your primary care practice for evaluation of a persistent daily cough with increased sputum production, worse in the morning, occurring in the past three months. She tells you, “ I have the same thing, year after year.” Which of the following choices would you consider strongly in your critical thinking process? Question: MG, a 60 year old female presents with complaints of her “ heart flipping in her chest” The NP wants to evaluate for arrhythmia. The NP knows that the cornerstone for arrhythmia evaluation includes : Question: Functional abilities are best assessed by Question: The aging process causes what normal physiological changes in the heart? [Show More]

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