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NURS 6521 - Advanced Pharmacology Advanced Pharmacology Midterm Review The NP palpates the left lower quadrant of a person's abdomen increases the pain felt in the right lower quadrant. a... ) Psoas Sign b) Rovsing Sign c) Obturator Sign d) Rebound Sign The patient lies on her/his back with the hip and knee both flexed at ninety degrees. The examiner holds the patient's ankle with one hand and knee with the other hand. The examiner rotates the hip by moving the patient's ankle away from the patient's body while allowing the knee to move only inward. This is called a) Psoas Sign b) obturator signs c) Rebound Sign d) Murphy's sign With Patient lying down, place hand on right knee and have patient raise the same knee against force. a) Psoas Sign b) Obturator Sign c) Rovsing Sign d) Murphy's sign Block the renin angiotensin - ARBS Common side effect is a dry cough - ACE Slows the heart rate and decreases the workload of the heart - Beta Blocker Side effect involves lower extremity edema - CCB Used cautiously in respiratory - BB For Hypertension patients with chronic kidney disease and in the hypertension management in the diabetic patient - ACE/ARB [Show More]

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