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NR-601 Midterm Exam Review (Latest): Primary Care of the Maturing & Aged Family Practicum - Chamberlain University Study this review to score an A

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NR-601 Primary Care of the Maturing & Aged Family Practicum Midterm Exam Review NR-601 Primary Care of the Maturing & Aged Family Practicum NR 601 Midterm Exam Review Week 1 Developmental changes o Re... view Kennedy readings for age related changes o Physiological Physiological Age related Change Functional Change Implications Integumentary System Loss of dermal and epidermal thickness Loss of subcutaneous tissue and thin epidermis. Prone to skin breakdown and injury Decreased vascularity • Atrophy of sweat glands resulting in decreased sweat production • Alteration in thermoregulatory response • Fluid requirements may change seasonally • Loss of skin water • Increased risk of heat stroke • Decreased body odor • Decreased heat loss • Dryness Respiratory System Decreased lung tissue elasticity Decreased vital capacity Reduced overall efficiency of ventilatory exchange Cilia atrophy Change in mucociliary transport Increased susceptibility to infection Decreased respiratory • Reduced ability to Increased risk of muscle strength handle secretions and reduced effectiveness against noxious foreign particles • Partial inflation of lungs at rest atelectasis Cardiovascular System Heart valves thicken and become fibrotic Reduced stroke volume, cardiac output; may be altered Decreased responsiveness to stress Fibroelastic thickening of the sinoatrial node; decreased number of pacemaker cells Slower heart rate Increased prevalence of arrhythmias Decreased baroreceptor sensitivity (stretch receptors) Decreased sensitivity to changes in blood pressure Prone to loss of balance, which increases the risk for falls GI Liver becomes smaller Decreased storage capacity Decreased muscle tone Altered motility Increases risk of constipation, functional bowel syndrome, esophageal spasm, diverticular disease Decreased basal metabolic rate (rate at which fuel is May need fewer calories converted into energy) Show Less [Show More]

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