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NURS 6551 - Primary Care of Women Exam Review Hcg in urine pregnancy test is produced by______? - produced by placenta Alpha feta proteins are produced by _______? - produced by fetal liver ... Oral contraceptives: are___ effective. Side effects and contraindications. - 91% effective estrogen/progestrin disadvantages- pill daily, SE: thrombophlebitis/embolism, liver adenomas, stroke, gall bladder disease, no std protection, NO smoking may result in cardiovascular side effect Contraindicated in: <6- week post-partum, breast cance Contraceptive patch -suppresses ovulation, decrease sperm motility, thickens cervical mucus -change q/wk; patch applied to fatty areas 91% effective, estrogen/progestrin, disadvantages same as above, patch may fall off and must be reapplied, patch once a week Contraceptive Vaginal Ring (Nuvaring) - contains etonogestrel and ethanol estradiol that is delivered at continuous levels vaginally 91% effective estrogen/progastrin, insert day after menses, disadvantages- uncomfortable inserting, ring falls out for less than 3 hours, rinse off and reinsert Progestin oral - 91% effective, disadvantages taken daily, chance of ectopic pregnancy Deprovera - increase risk of bone loss 94% effective, injectable progestin for 13 weeks, disadvantage is bone loss, fertility may not return for 1 year Etonogestrel implant (nexpalon) - 99% effective, placed subcutaneously in upper arm and releases hormones for 3 years, quick return to fertility, bleeding is side effect Intrauterine device (IUD) - small, T-shaped device inserted by a physician inside the uterus to prevent pregnancy Mirena, progesterone, 99.8% effective, disadvantages expel intrauterine device, sepsis, cervical infection, ectopic pregnancy, infertility [Show More]

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