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NR566 / NR 566 Advanced Pharmacology for Care of the Family Midterm Exam Review . (Graded A) Chamberlain College of Nursing

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NR-566 Advanced Pharmacology for Care of the Family NR566 Midterm Differentiate between primary and secondary hyperthyroidism Primary is the term used when the pathology is within the thyro... id gland. Secondary hyperthyroidism is the term used when the thyroid gland is stimulated by excessive TSH in circulation. Differentiate between primary and secondary hypothyroidism Primary disorders include the following: • Defective hormone synthesis resulting from autoimmune thyroiditis, endemic iodine deficiency, or antithyroid drugs that were used to treat hyperthyroidism • Congenital defects or loss of tissue after treatment for hyperthyroidism Secondary causes of hypothyroidism, which are less common, include conditions that cause either pituitary or hypothalamic failure. In secondary disorders, the TSH response is inadequate so that the gland is normal or reduced in size, with both T3 and T4 synthesis equally reduced. Precautions and testing for xanthine derivatives Respiratory drug interactions with digoxin Mild intermittent asthma Mild persistent asthma Moderate persistent asthma Severe persistent asthma Risk factors for fatal asthma attacks Asthma step therapy COPD therapy and goals of treatment Patient education for treatment of asthma Use of oral corticosteroids in the treatment of COPD Use of oral corticosteroids in the treatment of asthma Pneumonia goals of treatment Common bacterial pathogens of Adult pneumonia Common bacterial pathogens of Adult Community-Acquired Pneumonia Common bacterial pathogens of CAP in pregnant women Common pediatric pneumonia pathogens Clinical practice guidelines for treatment of CAP CAP treatment in pregnancy Radiologic findings during CAP treatment Treatment of chlamydial pneumonia Nicotine patch teaching Nicotine gum patient teaching Common side effects associated with smoking cessation therapy Contraindications for smoking cessation therapy. Tuberculosis Etiology Rational drug selection for pregnancy for tuberculosis Rational drug selection for children for tuberculosis Criteria for resistant TB diagnosis Risk factors for fatal hepatitis with INH use Prophylactic TB treatment for high risk patients ACEIS and ARBS benefits in other conditions Management of ACEI side effects Amiodarone monitoring Flecainide monitoring Mexiletine monitoring Procainamide monitoring Propafenone monitoring Sotalol monitoring Cardiac glycosides monitoring Myocardial oxygen supply Myocardial oxygen demand Angina Angina risk factors Class I Angina Class II Angina Class III Angina Class IV Angina Short-acting Nitrates Long-acting nitrates Angina Treatment Drugs which increase myocardial oxygen supply Long-acting nitrate effects Nitroglycerine rationale for route of administration chosen Patient education for nitroglycerine Reducing tolerance to nitrate therapy Initial drug therapy for patients with angina and alternative agents Drugs contraindicated in patients with angina Patho of heart failure - HF Stage A HF Stage B HF Stage C HF Stage D Diastolic Dysfunction Diastolic Dysfunction Causes Systolic Dysfunction Causes Diagnostic testing for HF Limited role of digoxin in treatment of HF Symptoms of digoxin toxicity Drugs contraindicated in patients with HF Hyperlipidemia Diagnosis Hyperlipidemia Treatment Goals Hyperlipidemia Risk Factors Hyperlipidemia testing and monitoring Statin Strengths Hyperlipidemia Treatment and Drug Selection Alternative Hyperlipidemia Therapies Prehypertension Hypertension stage 1 Hypertension stage 2 HTN risk factors HTN Treatment Preferred antihypertensives for blacks Contraindications for beta blockers Precautions for beta blockers Education for beta blockers Antihypertensive step therapy recommendations Preferred class for initial drug therapy in HTN treatments Drug of choice for gout Allopurinol adverse effects Allopurinol monitoring Role of NSAID use in treatment of gout Gout medications that require renal or hepatic dose adjustments Allopurinol drug interactions Signs of aspirin toxicity Adverse effects associated with long-term use of bisphonates Specifics about administration and education regarding pancreatic enzymes Common adverse effects with aromatase inhibitors Drugs associated risk for bone loss which should be monitored Clinical signs and symptoms DM Risk factors & associated complications of DM Diagnostic criteria of DM Criteria for screening asymptomatic adults Rapid Acting Insulin Short Acting Insulin Intermediate Acting Insulin Long Acting Insulin Fixed Combo Insulin A1C Treatment Goal Daily dose of insulin for initiation Insulin Treatment Algorithm for Type 1 DM A1C monitoring during oral or insulin diabetes management Correlate mean plasma glucose level according to A1C Clinical manifestations of diabetic autonomic neuropathy Hypoglycemia treatment (amount of carbohydrates and examples) Drug monitoring with metformin Antidiabetic medications associated with photosensitivity Antidiabetics to avoid in the elderly & why Improving patient compliance with diabetes treatment Diabetic medications to avoid when taking digoxin Diabetic medications with need for renal dose adjustment Diabetic medications associated with increased risk for genital mycotic infections Time anticipated for total reversal of hyperthyroid symptoms with methimazole Routine testing with drug therapy Recommend dietary iodine intake Drugs that increase metabolism of T4 Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism Symptoms of Hypothyroidism Hyperthyroid drugs with risk for hepatic toxicity Bile acid sequestrants absorption and administration Levothyroxine administration instructions [Show More]

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