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NURS 6670 Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Role II Adults & Older Adults Exam Review Exam Review What is the time frame one must be depressed to be diagnosed w/MDD? - Two Weeks ... What is the criteria for a dx of MDD? - 5 OF THE FOLLOWING 1. Depressed mood most of the day, nearly every day 2. diminished interest 3. 5% of body weight gain or loss 4. Insomnia or hypersomnia (daytime sleeping) 5. Psychomotor agitation/retardation/anxiety 6. Fatigue/loss of energy 7. Feeling of severe worthlessness/hopelessness 8. Diminished ability to think/concentrate/indecisiveness 9. Thoughts of death/suicide What is disruptive mood dysregulation disorder? - Children up to age 18 Patients who have this disorder exhibit recurrent temper outbursts that are severe and do not correlate with the situation. Partial remission of depression - Less than 2 months of absence of main symptoms Full remission in depression is defined as - More than 2 months with no significant signs or symptoms What is the continuation phase of depression? -Sustained remission for more than 2 months -Medications should be continued for 4-9 months in this phase -Cont. systematic assessment each visit -If electroconvulsive therapy was used in the acute phase, then must cont. pharmocotherapy. [Show More]

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