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ABCTE MSE Exam 2, 228 Questions with Correct Answers

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ABCTE MSE Exam 2, 228 Questions with Correct Answers While counting pencils, a kindergartener occasionally fumbles with a pencil and her counting gets off. She is demonstrating an inability to do w... hat? >>>Rational counting. one-to-one correspondence. One number is being assigned to one item being counted. What is rote counting? >>>Recitation of numbers. No physical objects at all. Leaning a straight board against a wall that is perpendicular to the floor will result in what type of triangle? >>>Right which of the following would be next group in the series: abt, bcu, cdv, dew... >>>efx What would you use to find the perimeter of a square for which s = 16? >>>4s What tool is used to draw arcs and circles of varying radii? >>>A compass. What is the best way of presenting an annual budget would be using a >>>pie chart What is a bar chart good for? >>>They typically present one variable over a certain amount of time. A stem and leaf plot is good for... >>>graphing data on an interval scale A scatter plot is good for >>>graphing two variables Change 450% to decimal form >>>4.5 Simplify the expression 7(5 + 2) - 5 >>>44 What is this notation? n! >>>Factorial: the factorial of a given number is the product of all positive integers less than or equal to that number. what would be the first step in teaching 4th grade students how to calculate the area of a rectangle? >>>Define "area." Given an initial position of 13 on a number line, what is the final position once -2, -3 and -8 are added? >>>On the whole number zero. What is an accurate value for an acute triangle? >>>60 degrees. An acute angle measures between 0 and 90 degrees. What is an accurate value for an obtuse angle? >>>One measuring more than 90 degrees.If two of the angles in a triangle are 40 degrees and 50 degrees, how could you determine the measurement of the third angle? >>>Subtract 90 from 180; the angles of a triangle add up to 180 degrees. Which units of measurement would you most likely use to weight a grape? >>>grams. Which units of measurement would you most likely use to weight a little bit of sand? >>>milligrams - indicates mass of very small objects The kilogram is equivalent to what? >>>about 2 pounds What is an inappropriate use of calculators in teaching elementary math? >>>increasing fluency during a subtraction drill... you would be measuring how well a student could use a calculator. What does math fluency measure? >>>the rate at which a student can complete a set of problems accurately. How many different ways can 5 books be arranged on a shelf? >>>120; 5! In a factorial, start with the number given, and multiply that number times each whole number smaller than it counting down to 1. In this case, 5! = 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 = 120 What is the absolute value? >>>The distance the number is from zero. The number inside the absolute value can be positive or negative. what is the equation for a line that is parallel to the x axis in the Cartesian coordinate plane? >>>y = 2 This is a reduced form of the equation y = 0 x + 2 [Show More]

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