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SERVSAFE Manager Practice Test Questions and Answers 2022/2023

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SERVSAFE Manager Practice Test Questions and Answers 2022/2023 1. Which item should be rejected? - Bags of organic cookies in torn packaging 2. What is the first step of cleaning and sanitizing sta... tionary equipment? - Unplug the unit 3. Why are people who take certain medications at risk for foodborne illness? - Their immune systems are compromised 4. What temperature should the water be for manual dishwashing? - Must be at least 110 ̊F (43 ̊C) 5. When transporting food off-site, how should information such as a use-by date and time be communicated to the off-site staff? - Labels on food 6. What information must be included on the label of a container of ready-to-eat TCS food prepped on-site for retail sale? - Potential allergens 7. When can a food handler diagnosed with jaundice return to work? - When approved by the regulatory authority 8. What temperature must a high-temperature dishwasher's final sanitizing rinse be? - At least 180 ̊F (82 ̊C) 9. What thermometer is best suited to checking a dishwashing machine's final rinse temperature? - Maximum registering thermometer 10.What is the minimum internal temperature hot food must be held at to prevent pathogens from growing? - 135 ̊F (57 ̊C) 11.Which organization includes inspecting food as one of its primary responsibilities? - U.S. Department of Agriculture 12.A food handler is prepping a seafood dish on April 4, using shrimp and scallops. The shrimp has a use-by date of April 8, and the scallops have a use-by date of April 10. What is the use-by date for the seafood dish? - April 8 13.What should food handlers do after leaving and returning to the prep area? - Wash hands 14.Where should a food handler wash his or her hands after prepping food? - Designated sink for hand washing [Show More]

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Servsafe Manager 2022 (All CHAPTERS 1-9) Tests(Answered) Exam (elaborations) Servsafe Food Handler Examination Questions And Answers With Complete Solution 2022/2023 SERVSAFE Manager Practice Te...

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