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Florida Claims Adjuster Exam Questions with Correct Answers

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Florida Claims Adjuster Exam Questions with Correct Answers 1 / 36 1. Frank owned a home that was destroyed by a hurricane. Both ABC and XYZ Banks were listed as additional interests on his homeown... er policy. The insurance company will make a payment to: A. The first mortgagee, ABC B. The Insured C. Jointly to ABC and XYZ D. All listed interests: D. All listed interests Remember that the insurer is not responsible to know the degrees of interest. In the event of a loss, one payment is made by the insurer and it is up to the additional interests on working out their share. 2. Insurance applies separately to each insured as if other insureds did not exist. This is defined as: A. Severability B. Conditional C. Warranty D. None of the above: A. Severability 3. Property insurance policies usually contain a(n) clause, stating the insured cannot dump damaged property on the insurer and demand its full value: A. Pro Rata B. Abandonment C. Liberalization D. All of the above: B. Abandonment 4. A(n) is one wherein economic loss would be suffered from an adverse happening to the subject: A. Conditional Contract B. Personal Contract C. Economic Contract D. Insurable Interest: D. Insurable Interest 5. States that if the insurer adopts a revision which would broaden coverage without additional premium within some period of time prior to the policy period or during the policy period, the insured receives the benefit of such broadened coverage. A. Cancellation Clause B. Policy Period C. Pro Rata D. Liberalization: D. Liberalization The time frame is typically 60 days. [Show More]

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