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ALAT practice exam unit 5 Questions with Correct Answers

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ALAT practice exam unit 5 Questions with Correct Answers Which of the following statements regarding outbred mice is FALSE? A. Outbred mice have been bred for maximum heterozygosity B. Outbred mice... have a stable overall genetic makeup C. Outbred mice all share the same genes as every other mouse in the population D. Outbred mice are created by mating a closed population (animals of at least 4 generations) of unrelated animals ✔✔ C. Outbred mice all share the same genes as every other mouse in the population T/F: Mice less than 10 days of age may be caught by cupping the hands around the whole body or by picking up a group of pups together with a small amount of nesting material ✔✔ True T/F: Both respiration and heart rate in the mouse are easily measured by observing or feeling the chest ✔✔ False T/F: An acceptable management technique that may reduce or prevent fighting among male mice housed together is to house young males together from weaning ✔✔ True T/F: The F1 on the end of a hybrid designation indicates that this is the second generation ✔✔ False T/F: Inbred strains usually have larger litters than outbred stocks ✔✔ False T/F: By 7 days of age, mouse pups are fully furred and their eyes are open ✔✔ False What are hybrid mice? ✔✔ The offspring of two different strains of mice Male neonate mice can be distinguished from females by their: ✔✔ Larger anogenital distance List 5 signs of pain, distress, or illness in mice: ✔✔ Ruffled coat, hunched, not moving, weight loss, dehydration, staining near the eyes Weight of an adult male mouse in grams: ✔✔ 20-40 grams Average lifespan of a mouse: ✔✔ 12-36 months Gestation length of a mouse: ✔✔ 19-21 days List 3 forms of environmental enrichment commonly given to mice: ✔✔ group housed, wooden blocks, and treats Skin tenting and sunken eyes are signs of what health problem? ✔✔ DehydrationWhat is the scientific name of the common house mouse? ✔✔ Mus Musculus Newborne mice are born _________ meaning that they are born hairless with eyes and ear canals closed ✔✔ Altricial List 3 examples of permanent methods of identifying mice: ✔✔ Tattoos, chips, and ear/toe clippings What is the term for coming into heat 24 hours after giving birth? ✔✔ Post partum estrus What is the approximate normal body weight for male and female rats? ✔✔ Males 300- 500 grams and Females 250-300 grams What anatomical feature distinguishes rats from mice? ✔✔ The lack of a gallbladder Which rat is albino, has a wide head, long ears, and a tail that is half its body length? A. Sprague- Dawley B. Wistar C. Long- Evans D. Fischer ✔✔ B. Wistar T/F: Male rats cannot be pair housed or they will fight ✔✔ False T/F: Molar teeth of rats grow constantly ✔✔ False T/F: Rats are nocturnal and are never active during the day ✔✔ False T/F: Red staining around the eyes and nose is due to porphyrin, a secretion that can be normal ✔✔ True T/F: Toe clipping is the recommended identification method for adult rats ✔✔ False Rats can be tickled by caretakers, reducing stress during handling and restraint ✔✔ True What are two common types of inbred strains of rats? ✔✔ Fischer 344 and Lewis Which rat stock is also known as the hooded rat? ✔✔ Long evans What problem can occur if you pick rats up by the tip of the tail? ✔✔ Degloving [Show More]

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