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BIOCHEM C785 2ndOA (1) 100% Verified Questions And Answers

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The 2nd OA Readiness Check is designed to give you additional practice with new assessment-stylequestions to help prepare for success on the OA. Thus, please try to mimic exam-like conditions by tak... ing the test in one <2 hr sitting without any study aids apart from your whiteboard/scrap paper. Note: You can take the 2nd OA Readiness Check again if you're so inclined, but you can not edit your response as you may have done with the topic questions. You will be able to see the resultsafterwards. 1. What is the complementary sequence to 3’ ATG CGAATA 5’? * 1/1 3’ TAT TCG CAT 5’ 3’ TAC GCT TAT 5’ 3’ GAT AGC ATA 5’ 5’ATAAGC GTA 3’ 2. Which amino acid sequence would result from this Coding DNA strand? 3’ ATG CAG ATA 5’? * 1/1 Feedback The correct answer is 3' TAT TCG CAT 5'. Remember complementary means “Matching or Pairing” You have to remember to pay attention to your numbers as well as your letters (A-T, G-C, 5'-3'). The correct answer is 3’ ATG CGA ATA 5’ (original sequence) 5’ TAC GCT TAT 3’ (complementary sequence) But we asked for it in the 3’ direction, so mirror answer to give correct answer: 3’ TAT TCG CAT 5’ BIOCHEM C785 2ndOA (1) 100% Verified Questions And Answers Tyr Val TyrIle Gln Ile Ile Asp Val Leu His Lys 3. Which amino acid sequence would be made from this template DNA strand? 5’ TAT TAC CGA 3’? * 0/1 Feedback The correct answer is Ile Asp Val. We are starting at the coding strand, and have to remember the relationship between coding DNA and mRNA. These two strands are non-complementary and parallel. So we copy the coding strand , change T ---> U, and then write the mRNA sequence: 3’ ATG CAG ATA 5’ coding 3’ AUG CAG AUA 5’ mRNA Mirror by changing orientation: 5’ AUA GAC GUA 3’ Read chart Ile Asp Val (chart is in direction of 5' ---> 3') BIOCHEM C785 2ndOA (1) 100% Verified Questions And Answers Tyr Tyr Arg Ile Met Ala Ser Val Ile Ser His Gln 4. Which of the following are the correct components for a PCR reaction? * 1/1 dNTPs, Primer, RNA Polymerase, template RNA dNTPs, Primer, DNA Polymerase, template DNA ATP, Primer, mRNA polymerase; template mRNA [Show More]

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