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Medical-Surgical RN A Prophecy Relias Test, Answered

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1.2 milligrams is equal to how many micrograms? - 1200 mcg Your post-op patient has a Jackson-Pratt (JP) drain in place. How do you ensure effective drain function? - Compress the drain, then plug... the bulb to establish suction Your male patient complains of discomfort while inflating the balloon during insertion of an indwelling urinary catheter. What would be the MOST appropriate action? - Deflate the balloon, advance the catheter further, then reinflate the balloon Your patient has symptomatic anemia but is refusing a blood transfusion for religious reason. What is an appropriate response? - Respect his wishes and notify the provider Your patient is admitted with diverticulitis. What type of diet do you expect to be ordered for the patient? - broth, jello, soft fruit no skin, You were hired to work the medical unit and when you arrive at work the charge nurse has assigned you to the post-surgical unit since they are understaffed. Which is the MOST appropriate action? - Report to the post-surgical unit. What is a proton pump inhibitor, such as pantoprazole (Protonix) used for? - Acid Reduction Which adaptive equipment would be MOST appropriate to use for a severely contracted patient who is unable to bear weight when transferring from the bed to the chair? - Patient lift (e.g., Hoyer) Which tool should you use to assess pain in you 80-year-old patient with severe dementia? - PAINAD scale Your patient is admitted from the ED with failure to thrive and advanced dementia. You note he is extremely underweight, appears unbathed for some time, and has a stage 4 pressure injury to his coccyx. You were told in report that he lives at home with family members. What should you do? - Notify the charge nurse and social worker of your concerns. Your 85-year-old patient with atrial fibrillation fell at home 3 days ago. You notice she has been having several episodes of acute confusion since being admitted to your unit. What is the MOST important order you should anticipate from the provider? - Stat CT of head Your patient has a temp of 102.3 F, HR 122, and has had 15 mL of urine from the indwelling urinary catheter in the last 2 hours. What is your patient MOST likely experiencing. - Sepsis What type of personal protective equipment (PPE) is applied prior to entering a room for a patient with C. diff? - Gown and gloves Your patient continues to pull at their IV site located in their left forearm despite verbal reminders and increased observation. The nursing assistant recommends using soft mitt restraints on the patient. What is your recommendation? - Request an order for soft mitts as they are the least restrictive Your patient was admitted for a hypertensive crisis and has a history of HTN, Parkinson's disease, depression, and alcohol use. On his second hospitalized day, you notice he is more anxious and restless than his baseline. What would be your FIRST nursing intervention? - Ask the patient when his last drink of alcohol was. What is the BEST indication of an acute neurological problem? - Change in level of consciousness While in a supine position your patient states, "I'm tired and cannot catch my breath." Physical assessment reveals jugular vein distention and a third heart sound (S3). These symptoms are indicative of what condition? - Heart failure Your new admission presents with a cough, unintentional weight loss, frequent night sweats, and bloody sputum. What type of isolation precautions should you initiate, if any? - Airborne precautions Patients with diabetes are at high risk for complications from damage to what body areas? - Nerve and kidney damage If your patient with a known history of diabetes is displaying symptoms of diaphoresis, cool skin, lethargy, and shakiness. What is your first action? - Check the patient's blood glucose level. Your patient tells you, "I hope I don't die, but if I do I don't want to be brought back.? You notice on her chart and wrist band that she is a full code. What would be the MOST appropriate action? - Discuss code status with the patient a [Show More]

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