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Question 1 Scenario A patron approaches the bar at midnight and demands a shot. He does not appear to be intoxicated and this is the first drink the patron has ordered. However, it is against your v... enue’s House Policy to serve shots after midnight. Answer: Hi, How are you? How was your evening? I can not serve you a shot as we don’t serve shot after 10pm. It’s our house policy. Would you like a drink with post mix instead? Or beer? Part 1 As it is against House Policy to serve drinks in this manner, you need to refuse service of the shots. Remember, this is not a full refusal of service due to signs of intoxication, this is a refusal to serve a specific type of drink the patron ordered, as it is against House Policy. In your response you will demonstrate how you would communicate with the patron by talking to the Assessor as though they are the patron. Give the patron a WARNING about ordering drinks that are against the venue’s House Policy. In your response make sure to: • Use the appropriate tone of voice; • Give the patron a WARNING; and • Make attempts to defuse the situation. View Slide (course notes to help answer this question) Part 2 Considering the scenario in part 1, explain to the patron the consequences they may face if they continue to demand service that is against House Policy. Answer: Listen sir its against our house policy to serve shots at this time. If you keep insisting I have to ask you to leave the premises or I have to call the police. If the police arrive here, you will be fined for this act. Security! can you please take care of this gentle man please? In your response make sure to: • Make references to what might happen to the patron if they do no not comply with the refusal to serve drinks that are against House Policy. View Slide (course notes to help answer this question) QUESTION 2 Question 2: Preventing Intoxication: Early Intervention If a patron has been drinking alcohol for three (3) hours without eating or drinking anything else – what two (2) different alternatives to consuming alcohol might you offer to them? In your response, talk to your Assessor as though they are the patron. Offer them at least two (2) different alternatives. Answer: Hello friend how are you doing? Looks like youre having a great night here today. I have been watching you from last couple of hours, youre just drinking alcohol and now if I keep serving you alchol its against the RSA. So would you like to give break for a while and drink some complementary food, postmix or water? In your response make sure to: • Use the appropriate tone of voice; and • Offer at least two (2) different alternatives to drinking alcohol. View Slide (course notes to help answer this question) Question 3: Refusal & Eviction Role-Play Scenario A patron who has been drinking for a few hours approaches the bar to order another drink. You have been monitoring this patron and notice they are stumbling when they walk and are slurring their words. Answer: Hello friend how can I help you. I would love to serve more drinks to you but not today. I can see youre stumbling and your voice are slurring while you are talking to me. Looks like you have had enough drink for tonight. Would you like me to call a taxi for you? You have a reasonable belief that they have had too much to drink. View Slide (course notes to help answer this question) Question 4: Provide appropriate assistance to different customers when refusing service Scenario (Part 1) You are working at a busy nightclub and have been monitoring a patron for the last hour. The patron has not ordered a single drink, but you have noticed significant changes in their behaviour since they first arrived at the venue. They have become increasingly agitated, they have red blood shot eyes, and they are very jittery, bouncing around, and talking at a rapid pace. Another employee has mentioned that they have seen the patron enter the toilets several times since they have arrived at the venue. You start to think they could be affected by something other than alcohol, considering they have not ordered an alcoholic drink since they have arrived.Consider what may cause this type of behaviour. Answer: How are you going mate? It seems like you are already intoxicated even though you have not ordered any drinks from here today. One of my colleagues said you have been entering to the toilet several times so which indicates that you are consuming other intoxicating things like drungs in the toilet due to which I can not serve you. I can see youre red eyes, the way youre talking. If you wanna go home I can call a taxi for you. [Show More]

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