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Expedite transfer to the closest trauma center - A 56 y/o M pt involved in a motor vehicle crash is brought to the ED of a rural critical access facility. He complains of neck pain, SOB, and diffuse... abd pain. His GCS is 15. His VS: BP 98/71, HR 125, RR 26, SpO2 94% on high-flow O2 via NRB mask. Which of the following is the priority intervention for this patient? a pertinent medical hx is crucial - Which of the following considerations is the most important when caring for a geriatric trauma pt? Mitigation - Following a review of recent drills and a real disaster event, a hospital has identified deficiencies and is taking steps to minimize the impact of a future disaster . Which phase of the disaster life cycle does this describe? Multiple requests for water - EMS brings a pt who fell while riding his bicycle. Using the American College of Surgeobs screening guidelines, which assessment finding would prompt the RN to prepare the pt for a radiologic spine clearance? hemoglobin does not readily release O2 for use by the tissues - What is the effect of hypothermia on the oxyhemoglobin dissociation curve? acidosis - Which of the following is a component of the trauma triad of death? Complete - EMS brings a pt from MVC. VS: BP 90/49, HR 48, RR 12, temp 97.2F (36.2 C). The pt exhibits urinary incontinence and priapism. These assessment findings are most consistent with which of the following types of spinal cord injury? flucuation in the water seal chamber - Which of the following is an expected finding in a pt with a tube thoracstomy connected to a chest drainage system? insert an oropharyngeal airway if there is no gag reflex - During the primary survey of an unconscious pt with multi-system trauma, the nurse notes snoring respirations. What priority nursing interventions should be preformed next? globe rupture - A 35 y/o M presents with facial trauma after being struck in the face with a baseball. A teardrop-shaped left pupil is noted on exam. What type of injury is suspected? compensated - A trauma pt is restless and repeatedly asking "where am i?" VS upon arrival: BP 110/60, HR96, RR 24. Her skin is cool and dry. Current VS are BP 104/84, HR 108, RR 28. The pt is demonstrating s/sx of which stage of shock? ventilate with a bag mask device - An unresponsive trauma pt has an oropharygeal airway in place, shallow and labored respirations, and dusky skin. The trauma team has administered medications for drug-assisted intubation and attempted intubation but was unsuccessful. What is the most appropriate immediate next step? within 24 hrs of trauma - When is the tertiary survey completed fora trauma pt? pressure - An intubated and sedated pt in the ED has multiple extremity injuries with the potential for causing compartment syndrome. What is the most reliable indication of compartment syndrome in a patient who is unconscious? worsening pneumothorax - Which of the following is po [Show More]

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