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2024 ATLS Module 8 - Musculoskeletal Trauma Latest Questions With Complete Grade A Answers

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1. what are potentially life threatening extremity injuries? Answer: major arterial hemorrhage, bilateral femoral fractures, crush syndrome 2. what long bone fractures can be significant? Answer: h... emorrhage from all long bonefractures can be significant, and femoral fractures often result in significant blood loss into the thigh 3. a properly applied tourniquet must include arterial inflow... what happens if you only occlude venous system? Answer: increase hemorrhage and result in a swollencyanotic extremity 4. the risks of tourniquet use increase over time... if it must remain in place for a prolonged period to save a life, what choice is made? Answer: choice of life over limbis made 5. what do you do if a fracture is associated with an open hemorrhaging wound? Answer: realign and splint it while a second person applies direct pressure to the open wound 6. in patients with amputated extremities...who is not a candidate forreplantation? Answer: pt with multiple injuries who require intensive resuscitation and or emergencysurgery for extremity or other injuries 7. in patients who may be a potential for replantation of amputated extremity,how do you initially manage the wound? Answer: thoroughly wash the amputated part with isotonic solution (ringers lactate) and wrap it in moist, sterile gauze...then wrapit in moistened steril towel, place in plastic bag and transport with pt in an insulatedcooling chest with crushed ice *be careful not to freeze it though 8. people with bilateral femur fractures vs unilateral femur fractures Answer: they areat significantly greater risk for significant blood loss, severe associated injuries, pulmonary complications, multiple organ failure, and death 9. What can crush syndrome lead to? Answer: aka traumatic rhabdomyolysis *if left untreated, can lead to acute renal failure and shock *muscular insult is a combo of direct muscle injury, muscle ischemia, and cell death with release of myoglobin [Show More]

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