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WGU C963 Exam (Latest 2023 - 2024) With 100% Verified Answers

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1. The right to life, liberty, and property; believed to be given by God; no government may take them away. Answer: Natural Rights 2. A theory on how people might have lived before societies came i... nto existence. Answer: State of Nature 3. The requirement that government, when dealing with people, have in placea fair procedure which it equally applies to all. Answer: Due Process 4. An agreement between people and government in which citizens consent to be governed so long as the government protects their natural rights. Answer: Social Contract 5. Coherent philosophies about the structure, power, and purpose of government. Answer: Political Ideologies 6. A lawmaking body that consists of two separate chambers. Answer: BicameralLegislature 7. An election in which the winner is determined by the number of individual votes obtained. Answer: Popular Vote [Show More]

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