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2024 ATLS Module 5 - Abdominal & Pelvic Trauma Latest Questions With Complete Grade A Answers

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1. why is significant blood loss into the abdominal cavity sometimes hard tonotice? Answer: significant blood loss can be present in the abdominal cavity without a dramatic change in the external ap... pearance or dimensions of the abdomen and without obvious signs of peritoneal irritation 2. what does the retroperitoneal space contain? Answer: abdominal aorta, inferior venacava; most of the duoudenum, pancreas, kidneys, and ureters; posterior aspect ofascending colon and descending colon; and the retroperitoneal compenents of thepelvic cavity 3. why are injuries to the retroperitoneal visceral structures difficult to recognize? Answer: they occur deep within the abdomen and may not initially present with signsor symptoms of peritonitis *also, it is not sampled by DPL and poorly visualized by FAST exam *red text* 4. how does a direct blow such as contact with the lower rim of a steering wheel/bicycle/motorcycle handlebars/intruded door in MVC cause injuries to the abdominopelvic viscera and pelvic bones? Answer: compression and crushinginjuries *these can deform solid and hollow organs and can cause rupture with secondary hemorrhage and contamination by visceral contents, leading to associated peritonitis 5. why do shearing injuries occur? Answer ex when restraint devices are inappropriately worn, fall from significant heights causing deceleration injuries: there is a differential movement of fixedand mobile parts of the body ex: liver and spleen lacerations...they are both movable organs fixed at sites of their supporting ligaments 6. what organs are most commonly affected by blunt traumas? Answer: spleen(40-55%) liver (35-45%) [Show More]

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