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2024 ATLS Module 3 – Shock Latest Questions With Complete Grade A Answers

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1. First step in the management of shock Answer: Recognize its presence 2. 5 types of shock: Answer Hypovolemic/Hemorrhagic Shock Cardiogenic Obstructive Neurogenic Septic 3. MCC of shock in ... trauma patient Answer: Hemorrhage 4. What determines cardiac output Answer: HR x stroke voume 5. What 3 things make up stroke volume Answer: Preload, myocardial contractility, After-load 6. Preload Answer: Volume of venous return to left and right sides of the heart Hemorrhage reduces preload 7. myocardial contractility Answer: The volume of venous blood return determines myocardial muscle fiber length after ventricular filling at the end of diastole. Muscle fiber length is related to the contractile properties of myocardial muscle. 8. Starlings law Answer: The more the heart is filled during diastole the more forcefully itcontracts 9. Afterload Answer: Resistance to the forward flow of blood, (Blood pressure the LV ispushing against) [Show More]

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