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NUR1022C Fundamentals of Nursing Pre/Post Test KEISER UNIVERSITY Pre/Post Test NUR1022C Fundamentals of Nursing Name ___________________________ Date _________________ Score ________ 1. A patient... /client who is lactose intolerant is recovering from a surgical procedure. What impact does the nurse expect this to have on progression of diet as tolerated? a. The patient/client will be able to progress from a clear to full liquid diet once bowel sounds and gag reflex returns b. There is no impact with regard to diet progression because of lactose intolerance c. The patient’s/client’s diet can be progressed following a bowel movement indicating return of bowel activity d. The patient’s/client’s full liquid diet may have to be altered because this diet contains milk products 2. The nurse must apply an elastic bandage to support a patient’s/client’s sprained ankle. Which action should the nurse take during this procedure? a. Moderately stretch the bandage and wrap it from distal extremity to proximal b. Wrap the extremity loosely enough to insert two fingers beneath the bandage c. Maintain a tight stretch with each wrap of the bandage d. Start proximal to the injury site and work distally 3. The nurse is to conduct an admission interview with 74-year-old patient/client who is hearing impaired. What should the nurse do to enhance the patient’s/client’s ability to hear? a. Position self to be within the patient’s/client’s line of vision b. Dim the lights in the room c. Over articulate words d. Reposition the television in the room 4. The nurse would assess for which signs of morphine overdose in a patient/client receiving -controlled analgesia? a. A decrease in blood pressure and respiration rate b. Increased heart rate and restlessness c. Profuse sweating and a state of alertness d. Dilated pupils and sedation This study source was downloaded by 100000826504961 from CourseHero.com on 06-20-2022 06:01:55 GMT -05:00 https://www.coursehero.com/file/94920139/Fundamentals-Pre-Testdocx/5. An adult patient/client who, after being hospitalized 3 days ago, is having trouble sleeping. The nurse also notes some confusion during waking hours. What is the most appropriate nursing diagnosis for this patient/client? a. Ineffective Health Maintenance b. Ineffective Individual Coping c. Disturbed Sensory Perception d. Disturbed Sleep Pattern 6. When planning care of a client with dementia, which of the following outcomes would be a priority? a. Prevent further deterioration b. Finding suitable long term care placement c. Supporting family caregivers d. Preventing injury 7. The nurse is changing the abdominal dressing of a patient/client who is 4 days postoperative. The nurse notes a moderate amount of serosanguinous drainage, wound edges not approximated, and puffy tissue protruding through the wound. What condition should the nurse suspect from these manifestations? a. Hemorrhage b. Normal healing by primary intention c. Normal healing by secondary intention d. Evisceration 8. The nurse working in a sexually transmitted infection (STI) clinic uses communication skills to assess patients/clients and to provide health education. When developing rapport with a new adolescent patient/client, it is important for the nurse to use which approach? a. Consistently give honest information b. Have the parents present if at all possible c. Use jargon when communicating with the adolescent d. Allow the adolescent to smoke if desired during the conversation 9. An older adult recently diagnosed with a urinary tract infection displays a sudden onset of confusion. Which of the following is the client most likely experiencing? a. Delirium b. Dementia c. Depression d. Excitement This study source was downloaded by 100000826504961 from CourseHero.com on 06-20-2022 06:01:55 GMT -05:00 https://www.coursehero.com/file/94920139/Fundamentals-Pre-Testdocx/10. A patient/client diagnosed with a terminal illness states, “What’s left for me? I feel hopeless.” The nurse determines that which of the following would be the best response? a. “It makes me feel sad that you feel hopeless.” b. “Sometimes people in your situation get depressed, which makes them feel hopeless.” c. “It must be difficult feeling as though there is no hope.” d. “Can you think of one or two reasons to not feel so bad?” *** COULD BE ALSO*** 11. A patient/client tells the nurse that acupuncture helps ease the pain of a terminal illness. How should the nurse react to this statement? a. Tell the patient/client to stop acupuncture b. Tell the patient/client that it is illegal c. Understand that it is an appropriate intervention d. Understand that the patient/client is not thinking clearly 12. The nurse working with a terminally ill patient/client wishes to support the patient/client’s decisions concerning end-of-life care. To do this appropriately, the nurse should plan to do which of the following? a. Be comfortable in assisting the patient/client with euthanasia when requested to do so b. Ask another nurse to provide care if the patient/client has a belief system that differs from their own belief system c. Respect the patient/client’s wishes about death to the extent possible by law d. Encourage the patient/client to request a do-not-resuscitate order because of terminal illness 13. A school nurse is planning a health class on accidents and injuries for high school students. Which topic is most important to include? a. Occupational-related injuries at work b. Motor vehicle-related injuries c. Fall-related injuries *** Thought this is more for older clients*** d. Injury due to residential fires 14. The nurse would implement which of the following as a requirement of care specific to the patient/client who has tuberculosis? a. Disposal of needles and syringes in a rigid, puncture-proof container b. Hand washing after removing contaminated gloves c. Wearing a gown if splashing is possible d. A private room with negative air flow This study source was downloaded by 100000826504961 from CourseHero.com on 06-20-2022 06:01:55 GMT -05:00 https://www.coursehero.com/file/94920139/Fundamentals-Pre-Testdocx/15. Which precaution would the nurse implement when admitting a client with scabies to the nursing unit? a. Airborne precautions b. Contact precautions c. Droplet precautions d. Neutropenic precautions 16. The nurse would take which actions to comply with principles of medical asepsis? a. Wash hands before and after assisting patient/client with personal hygiene. b. Wear gown and gloves when working with any patient/client on isolation precautions c. Re-cap needle after administering insulin. d. Insert needle into rubber port of a previously used multi-dose vial without swabbing it with alcohol. 17. A nurse is caring for a client who is receiving enteral tube feedings due to dysphagia. Which of the following bed positions should the nurse use for safe care of this client? a. Supine b. Semi-fowlers c. Semi-prone d. Trendelenburg 18. A nurse has received a report on a patient/client being admitted with anemia who requires a blood transfusion. The nurse will anticipate which assessment findings? a. Tachycardia b. Hypertension c. Temperature increase d. Diaphoresis 19. A patient/client is about to undergo a skin biopsy to determine if a skin lesion is malignant. The client asks how much the biopsy will hurt. Which response by the nurse is best? a. “We will give you a pain pill in just a moment that will minimize any pain during the biopsy.” b. “Luckily, this type of procedure does not cause any pain for most people.” c. “You may feel some discomfort while the local anesthetic is injected, but this will numb the area for the actual biopsy.” d. “The procedure is fairly painful, but you can manage if afterward with acetaminophen (Tylenol).” This study source was downloaded by 100000826504961 from CourseHero.com on 06-20-2022 06:01:55 GMT -05:00 https://www.coursehero.com/file/94920139/Fundamentals-Pre-Testdocx/20. Vital signs, level of consciousness, and skin color that you observe are which type of data? a. Focused data b. Subjective data c. Secondary data d. Objective data [Show More]

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