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NSG 5003 Advanced Pathophysiology Quiz 1. Score 100%. South University, Savannah

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NSG 5003 Quiz 1_ South University, Savannah - NSG 5003 Advanced Pathophysiology Quiz 1. Score 100%. Quiz 1 Why is it possible for potassium to diffuse easily into and out of cells? A majo... r determinant of the resting membrane potential necessary for the transmission of nerve impulses is the ratio between: What is a consequence of plasma membrane damage to the mitochondria? Current research supports the belief that after heart muscle injury, the damage: Free radicals cause cell damage by: The loss of the ATP during ischemia causes cells to: Which statement is true about eukaryotic cells? Which mode of chemical signaling uses local chemical mediators that are quickly taken up, destroyed, or immobilized? During cell injury caused by hypoxia, an increase in the osmotic pressure occurs within the cell because: When a mucous gland cell creates a new substance from previously absorbed material, this process is known as which specialized cellular function? Quiz 2 Question 4. Question : A reduction in an individual’s number of NK cells appears to correlate with an increased risk for the development of: Question 6. Question : Which statement concerning exotoxins is true? Question 7. Question : Which statements are true regarding viruses? (Select all that apply.) Question 12. Question : Cytokines are thought to cause fevers by stimulating the synthesis of which chemical mediator? Question 14. Question : Fusion is the step in phagocytosis during which: Question : The main functions of NK cells include: (Select all that apply.) Which cytokine is needed for the maturation of a functional Th cell? Which disease is an example of a rickettsial infection? Rocky Mountain spotted fever Quiz 3 Which characteristic among women correlates with a high morbidity of cancer of the colon, uterus, and kidney? A carcinoma refers to abnormal cell proliferation originating from which tissue? The ras gene converts from a proto-oncogene to an oncogene by: Which statement concerning benign tumors is true? Which aberrant change causes the abnormal growth in a retinoblastoma? Which cancers pose the highest risk for radiologists? Blood Quiz 4 Individuals being effectively managed for type 2 diabetes mellitus often experience a healthy decline in blood pressure as a result of which intervention? Which factor can trigger an immune response in the bloodstream that may result in an embolus? An infant has a continuous machine-type murmur best heard at the left upper sternal border throughout systole and diastole, as well as a bounding pulse and a thrill on palpation. These clinical findings are consistent with which congenital heart defect? When endothelia cells are injured, which alteration contributes to atherosclerosis? Question : Which cardiac pathologic condition contributes to ventricular remodeling? What is the effect of oxidized low-density lipoproteins (LDLs) in atherosclerosis? It causes smooth muscle proliferation What is the trigger for angina pectoris? When does systemic vascular resistance in infants begin to increase? Which inflammatory cytokines are released when endothelial cells are injured? Which statement is true concerning the cells’ ability to synthesize cholesterol? What is the usual source of pulmonary emboli? Amyloidosis, hemochromatosis, or glycogen storage disease usually causes which form of cardiomyopathy? Which condition is consistent with the cardiac defect of transposition of the great vessels? Quiz 5 : Which statement is true regarding hypoxemia? . Question : Which statement about the advances in the treatment of RDS of the newborn is incorrect? Question : The collapse of lung tissue caused by a lack of collateral ventilation through the pores of Kohn is referred to as which type of atelectasis? Quiz 6/Midterm What pathologic change occurs to the kidney’s glomeruli as a result of hypertension? Which structure is not associated with any lymphatic vessels? What is an example of compensatory hyperplasia? Student Answer: Question : Which is an example of an endogenous antigen? Which factor contributes to the production of mucus associated with chronic bronchitis? Which type of cell adaptation occurs when normal columnar ciliated epithelial cells of the bronchial lining have been replaced by stratified squamous epithelial cells? Some older adults have impaired inflammation and wound healing because of which problem? Which statement is true for the process of cellular reproduction? . : During an Immunoglobulin E (IgE)-mediated hypersensitivity reaction, the degranulation of mast cells is a result of which receptor action? Vaccines against viruses are created from: Why is osmolality preferred over osmolarity as the measurement of osmotic activity in the clinical assessment of individuals? In addition to osmosis, what force is involved in the movement of water between the plasma and interstitial fluid spaces? Why does tissue damage occur in acute rejection after organ transplantation? Quiz 8 Compared to a younger individual, how is the specific gravity of urine in older adults affected? . What effects do exercise and body position have on renal blood flow? What causes vesicoureteral reflux to occur in children? Detrusor hyperreflexia develops from neurologic disorders that originate where? Which statement is false about the causes of enuresis? Which effect do natriuretic peptides have during heart failure when the heart dilates? Which statement is false concerning the skeletal alterations caused by chronic renal failure when the glomerular filtration rate (GFR) declines to 25% of normal? A blunt force injury to the forehead would result in a contrecoup injury to which region of the brain? The link between major depression and cortisol secretion is that individuals with depression: Which person is at the greatest risk of developing delirium? Posthyperventilation apnea (PHVA) ceases and rhythmic breathing is resumed when levels of arterial: Question : Which intracerebral disease process is capable of producing diffuse dysfunction? [Show More]

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