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Biochem, Additional Practice Questions Unit 2

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Which kind of interaction can the following pair of amino acids form between their side chains (Rgroups)? ANSWERS: Hydrogen bond Which bond or interaction can the R group of this amino acid form to... stabilize tertiary structure? ANSWERS: Disulfide bond A missense mutation resulting in a change from asparagine to leucine at a specific position on an enzyme leads to a neurodegenerative disease. Is there an alternate amino acid substitution of a missense mutation listed below that would have less of an impact on the protein structure and consequently its function than the proposed leucine substitution would? ANSWERS: Correct! Glutamine is a polar amino acid and the amino acid asparagine is a polar amino acid, which contain C-N, C-O, O-H or N-H bonds on the outside surface of their R groups. The most likely replacement for a polar amino acid that would have less of an impact on protein structure would be another polar amino acid. Choose the answer that correctly labels the amino group, the carboxyl group, and the variable group on the amino acid from the image: ANSWERS: Correct! A is a variable group and can be any one of 20 different things, B is an amine group that contains one nitrogen and three hydrogens, C is a carbonyl group consisting of one carbon and two oxygens and, D is a hydrogen atom found attached to the central carbon (carbon alpha). Which characteristic correctly describes the amino acid image? ANSWERS: Non-polar Which of the following interactions can occur between two positively charged amino acids? ANSWERS: None of these What category does this amino acid belong to? ANSWERS: Polar, charged This amino acid is polar. ANSWERS: False This amino acid would prefer to interact with oil over water. ANSWERS: False [Show More]

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