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Procurement Contracts and Statement of Work Capella UniversityFPX 5333PM_FPX5333__Assessment_5_1. 2021

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Statement of Work: The provided report shows a Statement of Work (SOW) for the recovery portion of's New Employment Orientation Project (NEO). The SOW is a "document that captures ad... defines all aspects of your project. It notes the activities, deliverables, and the timetable for the project. It's an extremely detailed document as it will lay the groundwork for the project plan" (Landau, 2018). NEO Statement of Work (SOW) Turnaround Specifications Complete the automation software for the New Employee Orientation Program Approach Written plans will include:  Project schedule  Cost Estimate  Responsibility Assignment Matrix  Quality Statement  Communication Plan  Risk Analysis  Change Management Scope  Design a web-based Human Resource Program for new employee orientation  Integrate an HR module with the company Intranet.  Migrate existing hard copy presentations into electronic form  Generate knowledge checks to assess new employees on their understanding of HR processes  Create electronic sign-off for successful completion of the program  Create online help resources to assist in training  Provide documentation to the HR department to assist in monitoring the progress of employees  Periodically update material quarterly Period of Performance Within six months of contract award Work Location Centrally located at contractor's place of business Roles and Responsibilities Listed in the project charter for the turnaround project Product and Listed in the Project Management Plan for the recovery project This study source was downloaded by 100000829244943 from on 09-06-2021 02:52:56 GMT -05:00 This study resource was shared via CourseHero.comdeliverables schedule [Show More]

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