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Study Guide > 1. DATABASE MANAGEMENT IN CONSTRUCTION (DBMGMTCONS)_ENGINEERIN 001. 1. Introduction 2. Data 3. Database 4. Database System 5. Database Management in Construction Industry 6. Data Processing in Construction Industry.

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1. Introduction 2. Data 3. Database 4. Database System 5. Database Management in Construction Industry 6. Data Processing in Construction IndustryTHE OVERVIEW OF DATABASE MANAGEMENT “We're e... ntering a new world in which data may be more important than software” -Tim O'ReillyWHAT IS DATA? Data are information, quantities, characters, or symbols on which operations are performed by a computer, being stored and transmitted in the form of electrical signals and recorded on magnetic, optical, or mechanical recording media. Data refers to discrete facts, such as numbers. Data can be structured to create information, organized to produce knowledge and applied to give wisdom, for example, allowing decisions to be made. In terms of the digital economy, data is often described as being the ‘new oil’. Data can be measured, collected, analyzed, and represented in visual form using images, graphs and other analytical tools.What is Raw data? Raw Data (or unprocessed) data is in the form of numbers and characters that have not been ‘cleaned’/corrected to remove outliers or obvious data entry errors. Field data refers to raw data that is collected in an uncontrolled in situ environment. .WHAT IS DATABASE? Database is a collection of persistent data that is used by the application system of some given enterprise Enterprise -a generic term for any reasonably self-constrained commercial, scientific, technical or other organization. This might be a single individual (with small, personal database) or a complete corporation or similar large body (with a large shared database) or anything in between. Here are some examples: Manufacturing Company Bank University Government DepartmentAny enterprise must necessarily maintain a lot of data about its operations. The data is the “persistent data” referred to in the definition. The enterprise just mentioned would typically include the following(respectively) among the persistent data: Product Data Account Data Patient Data Student Data Planning Data .What is database system? A database system is basically a computerized record keeping system It is a computerized system whose overall purpose is to store information and to allow users to retrieve and update that information on demand. Database system are available on machine that ranges all the way from smallest handheld or personal computers to the largest mainframes or cluster of mainframes. The facilities provided by any given system are determined to some extend by the size and power of the underlying machine. Multi-user system-is a system in which many users can access the database at the same time and tend to be from large machines. Single-user system-is a system in which at most on user can access the database at any given time by the small machines. .Compactness •There is no need for possibly voluminous paper files. Speed •The machines can retrieve and update data far faster that a human can. In particular, ad-hoc, spur-of-the moment queries can be answered quickly without and timeconsuming manual or visual searches. Less Drudgery •Much of the sheer tedium of maintaining files by hand is eliminated. Mechanical tasks are always better than machines Currency •Accurate, upto-date information is available on demand at any time. Protection •The data can better protected against unintentional loss and unlawful access. WHY DATABASE? Why use a database system? What are the advantages? The advantages of the database system over traditional, paper-based method of record-keeping are perhaps easier to see in these cases. Here are some of them:Database Management in Construction Industry [Show More]

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