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CS 404 – Artificial Intelligence HW 1 – Chp. 1,2

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CS 404 – Artificial Intelligence HW 1 – Chp. 1,2 50pt Please type your answers in the allocated space in this document – keeping the questions as well, in the document to ease grading - and ... submit via SUCourse as usual, following the homework requirements listed on the web. Please be aware that a strict Academic Integrity code is in effect, and any violations must be reported to the Dean’s office. In summary, all your work must be your own; and you cannot share your homework or work together, but you can discuss the topic or your answers after the deadline. Only some of the homework questions will be graded throughout the term. Those that have 0pts are in general study questions to help you learn the material and prepare for the exam. 1) 0pt - Read Chapters 1 and 2. In Chp. 1, you are responsible of knowing only the overview (i.e. the general history, state-of-the-art, related disciplines etc.). Keep in mind that since the book is very detailed, you are mainly responsible of knowing things related to the slides’ content. 1) 25pt - AIMA 1.3 (Loebner Prize) a) 0pt, but you may get a simple question in the final exam: Read about the Loebner prize and last year’s winners. You should gain some more knowledge about what the competition is like (the rules) and the state-of-art about the bots. b) 25pts - Converse with 2 chat bots and include your conversation (5- 10 lines back and forth) with the best one. You can select from the prize recipients (e.g. Mitsuku) or any online accessible bot from the web (give link to whichever online bot you chatted with). Some useful links are given below (visit anyone of the links so that we get to see different bots), but you can find others. Also you can use facebook to chat with chatbots [Show More]

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