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Singapore University of Social SciencesSCO 201SCO201 PCOQ01 Question bank 2.

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SCO201 PCOQ answers Urban locations have relative advantages and disadvantages. Which of the following options can promote spatial justice: Localizing food and energy production The role of ecosys... tem services paradigm in environmental governance is as follows. Economic valuation of natural ecosystems to discourage damages In ‘Urbanism as a Way of Life’ (1938), American sociologist Louis Wirth argued in favour of regulations in order to counteract the forces of ‘competition, aggrandizement, and mutual exploitation’ that he said characterized urban social relations. True. Which of the following descriptions deviates from the proper understandings of alternative development in a city? Utilising systematic cost-effective analyses ensures the justification of moving heritage sites for better urban development. Typically, urbanisation represents the social and demographic processes of a space becoming urban. Which of the responses is not a typical social and demographic process that causes urbanisation? Increasing percentage of low-income families When we talk about an ‘urban’ population or ‘urban area’, it usually consists of several criteria that can be used to distinguish it from a rural population or a rural area. What are they? Administrative function, economic characteristics, functional nature, and population size or density. What is the urban growth machine (Molotch, 1976)? A coalition of local elites who are politically mobilizing to push for local developments for economic growth In global cities, the following items can be seen in movement and exchange: All of the above [Show More]

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