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CHEM 162 Experiment #5 Spectrochemical Series

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CHEM 162 Experiment #5: Spectrochemical Series Goals of this lab: • Produce a copper coordination compound and evaluate the yield • Calculate d-orbital splitting energies from spectral data in ... nanometers • Apply Crystal Field Theory to the comparison of ligand field strengths among groups of coordination complexes • Assess the accuracy of experimental data and identify sources of error Your lab report will be graded on the following criteria using a poor/good/excellent rating system: • Calculations are complete are accurate, with proper use of significant figures and units • Data collected is reasonable • Lab report is clear, legible, and neat • Error analysis is well-supported and valid By signing below, you certify that you have not falsified data, that you have not plagiarized any part of this lab report, and that all calculations and responses other than the reporting of raw data are your own independent work. Failure to sign this declaration will result in 5 points being deducted from your lab score. Signature: _______________Sophia Pham_________________________ This lab is worth 60 points: 10 points for notebook pages, 50 points for the lab report. (Do NOT include your notebook pages when you scan your report for upload into Gradescope.) [Show More]

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