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Defense Acquisition University CLC 222 (COR) Training Module 4 Exam Contract Monitoring - Performance. 100%

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Defense Acquisition University CLC 222 (COR) Training Module 4 Exam Contract Monitoring - Performance CLC 222 Module 4 Exam: Contract Monitoring – Performance · An example of a governmen... t obligation in the performance of the contract is _______. · When conducting assessment of contractor performance, the COR must consider: (Check all that apply) · Areas assessed in contractor past performance are _____ (Select All that Apply) § Conforming products or services § Commitment to customer satisfaction § Cost controls · The Contracting Officer's Representative has authority to approve overtime requests from the contractor. · The inspection clause for ______ contracts allows for the contractor to charge the cost of rework to the government. · Acceptance means the act of an authorized representative of the Government assuming ownership of supplies or approving services. Based on what you have learned about the responsibilities of the COR, choose a true statement from the following: · If the contractor delivers a non-conforming item or service, the ______ may accept the deliverable. · Your organization has purchased a diesel generator for emergency power support. You did a complete visual inspection and tested the unit. Two days later you start the generator and the engine is destroyed due to defective interior cylinder walls. This is an example of a: · Past performance assessments may include inputs from the (select all that apply) · Under the Prompt Payment clause, unless specifically prohibited by the contract, the contractor is entitled to payment for accepted partial deliveries of supplies or partial performance of services that comply with all applicable contract requirements and for which prices can be calculated from the contract terms. · Which of the following is NOT a common problem found during invoice review? · Under a cost-reimbursement, time and materials, or labor hour contract, which one of the following statements is FALSE:. · If the invoice does not comply with contract requirements, the invoice must be returned to the contractor within seven days. · Key aspects of the Fixed Price Process for acceptance and payment include timeliness, quality, and invoicing. · Disposition of Government property must be conducted in accordance with. · The government's policy is for contractors to provide all of their own general purpose equipment. However, on a base or installation or in a contingency contracting environment, equipment may be accountable under the contract as Government Property. [Show More]

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