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The HFF - ANSWER used to adjust the rise time of a sign Blood Iron Deficiency - ANSWER What are some possible causes for secondary PLMS? Nocturnal polysomnography - ANSWER NPSG stands for ______... __ . 3-12 - ANSWER Sleepwalking and night terrors are common in the ages of Nocturnal seizure - ANSWER a ---- study is used to look for seizure activity during sleep. artifact generated from electrical devices - ANSWER The 60-Hz notch filter is used to eliminate ventricular contraction - ANSWER In an EKG the QRS complex represents PAC - ANSWER A premature P wave in the EKG is referred to as a Backup rate - ANSWER During bilevel titration the ----- is sometimes used to treat central apneas. advanced sleep phase syndrome - ANSWER when a person goes to bed early in the evening & wakes early in the morning 6 hours - ANSWER What is the minimum recording time for a study? 4-5 - ANSWER How many naps does an MSLT consist of? ventricular repolarization - ANSWER In an EEG the T wave represents REM - ANSWER Antidepressants suppress which stage of sleep? starts with central component that then becomes obstructive - ANSWER A mixed apnea ___ slow-wave sleep - ANSWER Sweat artifact looks like ____ sudden, random, violent movements during NREM sleep - ANSWER Nocturnal paroxysmal dystonia is characterized by Bilevel positive airway pressure spontaneous/timed - ANSWER BiPAP S/T stands for ____ the gain being set too high - ANSWER When a signal starts blocking & squaring off at the top it is caused by ___ stage 1 sleep - ANSWER theta waves are primarily associated with --- in stage 2 sleep - ANSWER k-complexes are often seen ---- Circadian rhythm disorders, insomnia, & depression - ANSWER bright light therapy is used to treat ---- Somniloquy - ANSWER What is the clinical term for talking in sleep? Dextroamphetamine - ANSWER which medication is used to treat narcolepsy? Cornea - ANSWER The EOG channel functions by picking up the charge from the ---- the first signal input & the second signal input, respectively - ANSWER G1 & G2 represent --- a crescendo-decrescendo breathing pattern - ANSWER cheyne-stokes breathing patterns is --- EPAP - ANSWER during a bilevel titration the --- is increased to eliminate apneas. 3-4 - ANSWER how many periods of REM does a normal, healthy adult experience during sleep? 30 secs - ANSWER an epoch on a polysomnogram is -- long. lack of atonia - ANSWER REM behavior disorder is primarily characterized by --- . active sleep, indeterminate sleep, & quiet sleep - ANSWER the 3 stages of sleep in infants are stroke - ANSWER people with obstructive sleep apnea have a higher risk of adolescence/young adulthood - ANSWER narcolepsy first manifests itself in fatigue deals with a lack of energy whereas sleepiness is the inability to stay awake - ANSWER what is the difference between fatigue & sleepiness ? ensure that the channels are set correctly - ANSWER amplifier calibrations ---- in REM & on his back - ANSWER obstructive sleep apnea is normally at itself worst when the patient is ---- a muscle spasm during the transition from wakefulness to sleep - ANSWER what is hypnagogic jerk? stage 3 - ANSWER in children, most common parasomnias such as night terrors & sleep walking present in what stage of sleep? increase OSA - ANSWER how can alcohol affect sleep? there is no sleep time requirement - ANSWER how much sleep time must be between 2 apnea events? pulling the patient's lower jaw forward thereby opening the airway - ANSWER an oral device treats sleep apnea by --- benzodiazepines, anticonvulsant agents, dopaminergic agents - ANSWER what are some medications used to treat PLMS? on the outside of the shins - ANSWER the leg EMG lead should be placed ---- bleach - ANSWER which is best for cleaning leads? providing a safe environment for the patient & making sure the study is accurate - ANSWER the technician's duties include : stage 3 sleep - ANSWER delta waves are mostly found in ---- 6 hours - ANSWER what is the minimum amount of recording time a study may last? adaptive servo-ventilation - ANSWER ASV stands for IPAP - ANSWER during a bilevel titration the --- is increased to eliminate hypopneas & snoring. atrial contraction - ANSWER in an EKG the P wave represents ---- recording movements to determine sleep-wake patterns, sleep fragmentation, & body movements - ANSWER actigraphy works by ---- the loss of muscle tone that accompanies a strong emotion - ANSWER cataplexy is --- continuous positive airway pressure - ANSWER CPAP stands for 2:1 - ANSWER what should the ratio of patients to technicians be? insomnia - ANSWER nicotine may cause --- a congestive heart failure & brain stem injury - ANSWER potential causes of central sleep apnea include it takes two sources & amplifies only the different voltages - ANSWER what is the best explanation for how a differential amplifier works? going to the problem source & replacing & reapplying the affected leads - ANSWER the best way to eliminate artifact is by --- insomnia - ANSWER for Americans the most common sleep disorder is --- re-reference both leads to a reference point that doesn't have the artifact. - ANSWER if a slow-wave artifact appears in two channels that share the same reference, what is the best solution to correct it? low - ANSWER if the exploring & reference electrodes are close to one another, the amplitude will be -- higher - ANSWER compared to the EEG, the LFF on an EMG is usually set --- chronic pain - ANSWER alpha-wave intrusion in sleep is indicative of males over the age of 60 - ANSWER REM behavior disorder is most often seen in Catathrenia - ANSWER what is the term for breath holding followed by an expiratory groan? set a baseline for snoring - ANSWER bio-calibrations are performed to MWT - ANSWER in which study does a patient try to stay awake in a darkened room? enuresis - ANSWER what is the clinical term for bed wetting ? 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