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SHRM Exam 2021/2022 questions and answers rated A+

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Affinity Diagramming - ANSWER Data sorting technique Group categorizes & subcategorizes data until relationships are clearly drawn Balance Sheet - ANSWER Statement of organization's financial posi... tion at a specific point in time Business Case - ANSWER Presentation to management : - Specific problem exists -argues for proposed solution Business Intelligence - ANSWER Ability to use info to gain a deeper understanding of org & make sound business decisions Cilvil Law - ANSWER Legal system based on written codes (laws, rules, regulations) Code of conduct - ANSWER Principles that guide decision making & behaviors in org. Common Law - ANSWER Each case is considered in terms of how it related to legal decisions that already have been made (over time) Delphi Technique - ANSWER Decision making technique / anonymously / never meet face to face Due process - ANSWER laws are enforced only through accepted, codified procedures Extraterritoriality - ANSWER Right of foreigners to be protected by the laws of their own nation. Force Field Analysis - ANSWER -Group decision making tool designed to analyze the forces favoring/opposing a particular change -a factor is weighted, & the factors on each side are summed & compared Framing - ANSWER the way an issue is posed -audience sees it a certain way & persuaded to make decision certain way Gross Profit Margin - ANSWER Ratio of gross profit to net sales. high-context culture - ANSWER characterized by complex, usually long-standing networks of relationships -members share rich history of common experience -CHINA / JAPAN / FRANCE J-curve - ANSWER visualization of impact of change on productivity -when change is introduced there typically is a decreased in productivity & then gradual return or ideally, surpassing of previous levels of productivity Jurisdiction - ANSWER dhe official power to make legal decisions and judgments. low-context culture - ANSWER societies w/ less relationship histories - "Not personal, just business" -direct & say what they mean US / CANADA / UK Multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) - ANSWER Decision-making tool in which a team determines critical characteristics of a successful decision; a matrix is used to score each alternative and compare results. Net Profit Margin - ANSWER Ratio of net income (gross sales minus expenses and taxes) to net sales. Nominal Group Technique (NGT) - ANSWER a structured approach to group decision making that focuses on generating alternatives and choosing one -ALL PARTICIPATE Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) - ANSWER A method of querying and reporting that takes data from standard relational databases, calculates and summarizes the data, and then stores the data in a special database called a data cube. -enable users to analyze data quickly in a variety of diff ways. principled negotiation - ANSWER a general strategy that enables parties in a conflict to express their needs openly and search for alternatives to meet the needs of all parties without damaging their relationships Root Cause Analysis - ANSWER starts w/ result & work backwards to identify cause Rule of Law - ANSWER principle that the law applies to everyone, even those who govern Stakeholder concept - ANSWER Concept that proposes that any organization operates within a complex environment in which it affects and is affected by a variety of forces or [Show More]

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