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1. The coronary ostia are located in the: (Points : 2) Left ventricle Aortic valve Coronary sinus Aorta 2. Where in the respiratory tract do the majority of foreign objects aspirated by children final... ly lodge? (Points : 2) Trachea Left lung Bronchus Bronchioles 3. Which type of antibody is involved in type I hypersensitivity reaction? (Points : 2) IgA IgE IgG IgM 4. Hypersensitivity is best defined as a(an): (Points : 2) Disturbance in the immunologic tolerance of self-antigens Immunologic reaction of one person to the tissue of another person Altered immunologic response to an antigen that results in disease Undetectable immune response in the presence of antigens NR 507 MIDTERM EXAM 2 5. What is the final stage of the infectious process? (Points : 2) Colonization Invasion Multiplication Spread 6. The function of the foramen ovale in a fetus allows what to occur? (Points : 2) Right-to-left blood shunting Left-to-right blood shunting Blood flow from the umbilical cord Blood flow to the lungs 7. What physical sign is the result of turbulent blood flow through a vessel? (Points : 2) Increased blood pressure during periods of stress Bounding pulse felt on palpation Cyanosis observed on excretion Murmur heard on auscultation 8. Which statement concerning benign tumors is true? (Points : 2) The resulting pain is severe. Benign tumors are not encapsulated. Benign tumors are fast growing. The cells are well-differentiated. 9. It has been determined that a tumor is in stage 2. What is the meaning of this finding? (Points : 2) Cancer is confined to the organ of origin. Cancer has spread to regional structures. Cancer is locally invasive. Cancer has spread to distant sites 10. What is the primary problem resulting from respiratory distress syndrome (RDS) of the newborn? (Points : 2) Consolidation Pulmonary edema Atelectasis Bronchiolar plugging 11. Which statement is true concerning the IgM? (Points : 2) IgM is the first antibody produced during the initial response to an antigen. IgM mediates many common allergic responses. IgM is the most abundant class of immunoglobulins. IgM is capable of crossing the human placenta. 12. Apoptosis is a(an): (Points : 2) Normal mechanism for cells to self-destruct when growth is excessive Antigrowth signal activated by the tumor-suppressor gene Rb Mutation of cell growth stimulated by the TP53 gene Transformation of cells from dysplasia to anaplasia [Show More]

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