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2 year old - ANSWER speaks in 2 to 3 word sentences (family understands) Understands simple commands knows first name can copy straight line easily frustrated goes up stairs using same foot 3 ... year old - ANSWER speaks in complete sentences speech understood by most strangers knows full name, has sexuality identity copies circle stack nine cubes throws ball overhead pedals tricycle walks up stairs with alternating feet Strabisma - ANSWER Eye disorder -Eyes unable to to focus on same object, can be bi or unilateral Tx: patching stronger eye to increase visual stimualtion of weaker eye esotropia - ANSWER inward turning of the eye exotropia - ANSWER outward turning of the eye hypertropia - ANSWER upward deviation of one eye hypotonia - ANSWER looks down head circumference - ANSWER obtained till 2 years old 0.5cm week 2cm 1 month Ventriculomegaly - ANSWER enlargement of cerebral ventricles caused by increased pressure of CSF fluid Craniosynostosis - ANSWER the premature fusing of the skull bones tx: NSG/plastics 1 month - ANSWER turns head Side to side head lag strong grasp reflex watches faces when spoken to 2 month - ANSWER Closing of posterior fontanelle; diminished tonic neck and Moro reflexes; decreased head lag, holds head upright, lifts head and chest while prone; social smile first appears 4 months - ANSWER babbles/raspberry sounds, push off with hands to elbows, brings hands to mouth, racking with hands, . head lag is gone. flips prone to supine 6 months - ANSWER sit up without support roll from front to back, back to front ba, da, ma, racking hand motion. begins to know if someone is a stranger 9 months - ANSWER pulls to stand pincer grasp peek a boo good bye. crawls. afraid of strangers 1 year - ANSWER supports own weigh, separation anxiety, climb stairs by crawling, pokes with index finger bangs two things together 4 year old - ANSWER draws a cross, hops on one foot up to 2 secs, names some colors some shapes 5 year old - ANSWER can draw square/triangle Piaget: Sensorimotor Stage - ANSWER 0-2 years- first stage, children learn entirely through the movements they make and the sensations that result. They learn they cause things to happen, they are separate from objects and people around them, things continue to exist even if they can't see them (object permanence) Piaget Preoperational Stage - ANSWER 2-7 years- Once children acquire langage they can use symbols to represent objects. Still egocentric thinking and they assume everyone sees things from the same viewpoint. Understand concepts like counting, classifying according to similarity, and past-present-future but focused on present and concrete rather than abstract. Piaget Concrete Operational Stage - ANSWER 7-11 years-Children are able to see things from different points of view and to imagine events that occur outside their own lives. Some organized, logical thought processes are now evident and are able to order object by size, color gradient, etc. can understand that if 3+4=7 then 7-4=3. Understand that red square can belong to both red and square categories. Understand short wide cup holds same amount as tall and skinny cup.(conservation) Thinking still tends to be tied to concrete reality Piaget Formal Operational Stage - ANSWER 11+ - around the onset of puberty, children are able to reason in much more abstract ways and to test hypotheses using systematic logic. There is a much greater focus on possibilities and on ideological issues Kawasaki disease - ANSWER (inflammation of blood vessles, hence the strawberry tongue) causes coronary artery aneurysms. TX: with high-dose aspirin and gamma globulin 75% of cases are under 5 years old. Angleman Syndrome - ANSWER - rare genetically inherited form of mental retardation due to the deletion or inactivation of specific genes on the maternally inherited chromosome 15 - lack of crawling or babbling, minimal speech, and frequent smiling and laughter. Inability to walk, move, or balance well (ataxia) Fragile X Syndrome - ANSWER a disorder produced by injury to a gene on the X chromosome, producing mild to moderate mental retardation large ears, a long face, a prominent jaw and forehead, and flat feet. Proder-Willi Syndrome - ANSWER genetic disorder usually caused by deletion of a part of chromosome 15 passed down by the father. behavior problems, intellectual disability, and short stature. Hormonal symptoms include delayed puberty and constant hunger leading to obesity. [Show More]

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