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LETRS Unit 7 Assessment Test Session 1-6 All Questions and Correct Answers| Latest Updated

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How should the balance of instructional time spent on foundational reading skills and language comprehension between first grade and third grade for typical learners? - ANSWER The time spent on founda... tional reading skills should skift from about 40% in first grade to 20% in third grade. What criterion would be most relevant for selecting high-quality texts for reading aloud or for meiated text reading? - ANSWER The text has layers of meaning that can be explored through several readings. According to the National Reading Panel (2000) and several research analyses, whcih of these strategies is more effective than the others for developing comprehension? - ANSWER having students retell or summarize what they have read During a teacher-mediated reading of the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood, which of these questions is most likely to facilitate construction of a mental model of the texts meanings? - ANSWER "What do we know about the characters so far?" If a high quality, worthwhile narrative text has been read once, what is the most appropriate activity studetns should do next? - ANSWER Complete a story frame that outlines major events. What is an effective way to helpo students construct a mental model of informational text? - ANSWER Pose queries during reading to ensure studetns are making the necessary inferences. What is the main advantage of letting students know ahead of time what kind of text (e.g., narrative, informational) they will be reading? - ANSWER They can anticipate how the text is organized and how the information is presented. What is a helpful approach when working with a student who is a heavy dialect speaker and who is having trouble comprehending the language in a text? - ANSWER Explain the relationship between home langauge and school language in frequent, brief lessons. Which of the following teaching strategies is least helpful to English learners? - ANSWER allowing them to avoid speaking in class if they are embarrassed Which is the most effected technique for supporting students' expressive oral language development in school? - ANSWER encouraging students to talk with a partner before raising their hand to respond With first-grade students, how much instructional time should be spent on English language arts? - ANSWER 2 hours or more Teachers should depend heavily on the results of screeners such as Accidence Reading K-6 Next to determine what skills should be taught to students. - ANSWER false By second grade, the most effective approach to teaching reading comprehension emphasizes: - ANSWER all of the above in roughly equal proportion Which of the following is not a criterion for high-quality text? - ANSWER relevant to what's going on that day One tet of a robust curriculum in grades K-3 is whether, upon walking into a classroom, an observer can tell what students are learning about. - ANSWER true The students most likelu to benefit from strategy instruction are those who (Select all that apply): - ANSWER are in grades four and above; have accquired good decoding skills but aren't familiar with a particular stratgey The best time to employ strategy instruction is when: - ANSWER students are ready for it, in the context of lessons with a larger purpose Which of these steps in the "gradual release of responsibility" of strategy instruction is out of sequence? - ANSWER The teacher models the thinking process by thinking aloud. Good readers tend to move on, even when the passage is not making sense to them. - ANSWER false "Imagine what would happen if the polar ice caps melted" is an example of what type of question? - ANSWER evaluating Well-designed questions (select all that apply): - ANSWER are text dependent AND focus on the "why" and "how" of a topic Which of the following is an example of elaborative/questioning? - ANSWER "Would you have reacted the same way the girl did?" "How do you know that she liked her new home?" is an example of: - ANSWER implicit questioning Teaching comprehension can be accomplished by testing students with multiple-choice questions after they've completed independent reading. - ANSWER false Pivotal points to ask questions include places where(select all that apply): - ANSWER sentences connect to one another; meanings of new words become clear; students should grasp how the text's discourse is organized. What is the purpose of after-reading activities? Select all that apply. - ANSWER They let students transform the information into a new format; They help students see reading as more than a chore; They check students' comprehension of key ideas. According to research, which practice is essential for building an enduring mental model of a text? - ANSWER reading the text multiple times with varied purposes Which of the following is an after-reading activity? - ANSWER summarizing the main ideas from the text According to research, what macroprocesses help students "own" the information from a text? - ANSWER selecting, ordering, and transforming the main ideas Why are after-reading activities effective? - ANSWER They reinforce the structure and purpose of the text. Which of the following statements is true? - ANSWER Teachers should explicitly teach the text structure of both informational and narrative texts. When should teachers introduce the purpose of a text? - ANSWER before the first read Vocabulary activities before reading should focus primarily on which type(s) of language? Select all that apply. - ANSWER Tier 2 vocabulary words; figurative languages and idiomatic phrases An effective reading comprehension lesson will include (select all that apply): - ANSWER an introduction of background knowledge needed to comprehend the text; a graphic organizer that helps students visualizethe structure of the text; an after-reading activity to transform information from the text into a new format; questions to ask during reading, tied to specific places in the text Teachers should do all of the following during reading , except: - ANSWER explicitly teach Tier 2 vocabulary words All of the following are features of African AMerican English except: - ANSWER speakers often form sentences without a subject [Show More]

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