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Portage Learning - Anatomy & Physiology I. Exam Questions With Answers. Graded A+

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Portage Learning - Anatomy & Physiology I. Exam Questions With Answers. Graded A+ The six levels of organization of the body are - Ans-1. Chemical level -Atom, Micro-molecules 2. Cellular level - ... cell 3. Tissue level - tissue 4. Organ level - Organelles 5. Organ System level 6. Organism level The necessary life function that protects our internal environment from our external environment is provided by what system? - Ans-Integumentary The function of movement is provided by what system? - Ans-Muscular System The function of responsiveness is provided by what system? - Ans-Nervous System The function of digestion is provided by what system? - Ans-Digestive System Anabolism - Ans-Building more complex cellular structures from simpler ones Catabolism - Ans-Breaking down more complex cellular structures into simpler one Excretion involves what system? - Ans-Digestive system Respiratory system UrinaryThe reproductive system is controlled by what other system? - Ans-Endocrine system What tissue covers the body surface and lines the cavities of the body? - Ans-Epithelium Name the three steps in cellular respiration? - Ans-1. Glycolysis 2. Citric Acid Cycle 3. Electron Transport System What is the purpose of ATP? - Ans-ATP is energy rich molecule which powers all cellular activities. Allows the cells to have the energy needed to carry out their functions Epithelial cells perform what types of function? - Ans-Make up epithelial tissue and do tasks like secretion, absorption. Under constant cell division to replace dead cells that shed away What are the four basic tissue types? - Ans-1. Epithelial 2. Connective 3. Muscle 4. Nervous [Show More]

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