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NUR 3465L Pediatric Case 6: Eva Madison (Complex) Guided Reflection Questions

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Opening Questions How did the simulated experience of Eva Madison’s case make you feel? I felt comfortable in the scenario, there were simple providers orders, and the child was oriented and feel... ing better slowly. Describe the actions you felt went well in this scenario. I feel that I properly followed priority assessments to establish baselines and determine symptoms of concern. I assessed the patient's vitals, symptoms, pain level and provided IV fluids promptly. Scenario Analysis Questions EBP List in order of priority your initial nursing actions identified for Eva Madison based on physical findings and family interaction. Heart rate was fast and elevated, tenting of the skin, dizziness, and dry mucous membranes were supportive of dehydration. It was important to assess vitals immediately, followed by the initiation of IV fluids. EBP When initiating a fluid bolus for a dehydrated child, what type of fluid should be given and why? Normal saline should be given to the child immediately, which was provided in the ER. We can't give any other fluid until we have an electrolyte diagnostic which details the type of electrolyte imbalance she may have. EBP What complications might Eva Madison face if her symptoms are not recognized and treated in a timely manner? If Eva’s symptoms are not recognized and treated in a timely manner she is at risk for hypovolemic shock (high blood pressure would continue to drop as well as the amount of oxygen in the body), urinary or kidney problems (UTI, kidney stones, kidney failure), or seizure (caused by electrolyte imbalances). PCC What measures should be initiated to decrease anxiety in Eva Madison’s mother while simultaneously caring for Eva? Continuously educate the mother, use therapeutic communication, provide the mother with honest knowledge and resources to equip her with everything she needs to monitor and make educated decisions beneficial to her daughters health. Also, encourage the mother and child to participate in the treatment plan. S/QI Reflect on ways to improve safety and quality of care based on your experience with Eva [Show More]

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