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Pediatric Case 2 Jackson Weber (Complex) Guided Reflection Questions and answers provided

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Guided Reflection Questions Opening Questions How did the simulated experience of Jackson Weber’s case make you feel? I felt a little intimidated, this being my first pediatric VSIM. I was anxiou... s, because I was not sure what to expect. Describe the actions you felt went well in this scenario. I felt after reading the physician orders, I knew the main things I needed to focus on. This helped to give me some reassurance. Scenario Analysis Questions[*] EBP List in order of priority your initial nursing actions identified for Jackson Weber based on physical findings and family interaction. This patient had been brought to the hospital because he had a seizure. His priority problem was seizure management. EBP What complications might Jackson Weber face if his symptoms are not recognized and treated in a timely manner? The patient may experience a number of complications if safety precautions are not followed. One of the biggest concerns is patient injury. The patient needs to have side rails padded, all loose items removed from bed and placed in a side lying position. Complications may be abrasions or lacerations from the side rails. The patient may hit against the hard metal or plastic and fracture or even break bones. If treatment is not implemented after the seizure, the patient may experience decreased oxygen saturation, which could compromise his neurologic status. PCC What communication techniques should be initiated to decrease anxiety in Jackson Weber’s mother while simultaneously caring for him? Educating the family of a seizure patient is very important. Some of the important concepts to teach this mother would be management of seizures. Topic might include: antiepileptic medications, safety precautions, and extended family education. It is also important to teach what to do during a seizure. Education might include: maintaining airway patency, ensuring safety including the use of seizure pads, avoiding risk of aspiration by removing loose objects near by and administering medications. PCC/S What seizure precautions should be taken by the nurse in anticipation of and at the onset of Jackson Weber’s seizure? How might such precautions vary from hospital to hospital? The nurse needs to watch for signs and symptoms such as; loss of consciousness, jerking movements, loss of bowel and bladder control, and altered breathing patterns. The patient should wear a medical alert bracelet, wear a helmet and protective knee and elbow padding when doing anything extreme and take medications as directed by his physician. Precautions may vary slightly from hospital to hospital, but for the most part the basic goals are the same which is patient safety. S/QI Reflect on ways to improve safety and quality of care based on your experience with Jackson Weber’s case. If the nurse can educate both the patient and the family members on how to effectively manage seizures, a number of positive things may happen. Response time will be quicker, safety measures achieved more rapidly, and hopefully there will be a reduction in the adverse effects of the seizure. The more knowledge we can instill in our patients and their family, the more we can reduce their anxiety. Managing a crisis in a calm and efficient way will hopefully help to ensure a more positive outcome for everyone. T&C/I What key elements would you include in the handoff report for this patient? Consider the situation-background-assessment-recommendation (SBAR) format. My SBAR report would include the following: patient name, age, admission date and reason for admission. I would report a brief history that the patient was diagnosed with tonic-clonic seizures two year ago. Mom is a single parent who works, so patient was last seen by Dr. approximately 15 months ago. I would report my assessment of patient and include specifically neurologic, respiratory and cardiac details. I would report any pertinent lab, diagnostic or pending test information. I would then report the plan of care set in motion by the physician and my recommendations for continued patient safety and comfort. QI List additional support and health care team members to include to improve the quality of care and to prevent reoccurrence of seizure activity and future hospitalizations for Jackson Weber. The patient himself needs to be empowered to take an important role on his seizure team. A patient who is five can be taught to let an adult know if he feels something that is different, strange or out of the ordinary. The patient’s mother is a crucial member of the team. She needs to focus by [Show More]

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