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ASSESSMENT: Mr. Cauthen is a 22 year old otherwise healthy male who presents today with c/o acute abdominal pain that started 8 hours ago. Physical examination reveals RLQ tenderness and a positive... Psoas sign, slight guarding, with mild tenderness and rebound. His vital signs are within normal limits; he is afebrile. He denies a history of gastrointestinal disease, hepatic or renal disease, previous abdominal surgery, recent trauma, use of NSAIDS, aspirin, alcohol , or tobacco products. 1. Appendicitis; 2 ndary to 2+ RLQ tenderness, mild rebound tenderness, positive psoas sign, anorexia. 2. SBO 3. Pancreatitis, idiopathic 4. PUD Plan: Admit Obs: Acute appendicitis Consult general surgery for likely appendectomy IVFs and IV antibiotics during hospitalization, followed by a ten-day course of oral antibiotics as a postsurgical outpatient. [Show More]

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