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UNIT 2 SEMINAR OVERVIEW I HUMAN REVIEW HARVEY HOYA (SOLVED) 2021 •I Human review oHarvey Hoya ▪Essential HTN oYou will initially get an ove rview of the patient but you need to start asking questi... ons oHPI ▪How can I help you today? Is a good opening question ▪Do you have any other symptoms or concerns? ▪Current or past medical problems that you have? ▪Tell me about the health of your grandparents? ▪Tell me about your diet and what you normally eat? ▪Do you have any problems with fatigue, difficulty sleeping? ▪Any nausea, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea? ▪Ask about urination ▪Ask about allergies ▪Ask about prescription medication ▪Ask how severe their symptoms or problem is ▪Ask about heat/cold intolerance ▪Ask about dizziness, weakness, numbness ▪Ask about alcohol intake ▪Ask about tobacco use ▪Ask about drug use ▪Ask about thyroid problems ▪Any chest pain ▪Any breathing issues ▪Ask about musculoskeletal issues ▪Ask when symptoms started [Show More]

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