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Frontier Flight Attendant, FAR Latest Exam Questions With Verified Answers 2024

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Frontier Flight Attendant, FAR Latest Exam Questions With Verified Answers 2024 All US airlines are governed by regulations formulated by the Correct Answer Federal Aviation Administration Compa... ny policy may be more _______ but never more _________ than a FAR Correct Answer restrictive, lenient it is the ________________ responsibility to see that FAR's, as listed in the FAM, are carried out Correct Answer flight attendants The _______________ of an aircraft is directly responsible for, and is the final authority as to the operation of that aircraft Correct Answer Pilot In Command (PIC) At Frontier, the _______ is always considered to be the PIC Correct Answer captain The captain is in charge of the crew from the time of ______________ until leaving the aircraft at the termination of the flight. Correct Answer time of reporting (not layovers or RON) No covered employee shall report for duty or remain on duty requiring the performance of safety-sensitive functions while having an alcohol concentration of _____ or _________. Correct Answer 0.04% or higher. (0.02% for frontier) No covered employee shall perform flight crewmember or Flight Attendant duties within _________ after using alcohol. Correct Answer 8 hours Per Frontier policy, Flight Attendants are required to submit to ______ and __________ testing for the following reasons: Correct Answer drug and alcohol testing, for: suspected cause (reasonable suspicion) part of the hiring process random selection Each _______ shall furnish copies of the manual. Correct Answer certificate holder All Frontier Flight Attendants are required to carry the Frontier Airlines __________ ______________ ___________. Correct Answer Flight Attendant Manuel Revisions must be read, reviewed, and inserted _________ the effective date or ________ to a flight assignment on or after the effective date. Correct Answer before, prior No person may conduct any operation unless the following equipment is installed in the airplane: a _______ between the ____________ and _________ compartments, with a locking means to prevent passengers from opening it without the pilot's permission. Correct Answer A door, between the passenger and pilot compartments Before flight is conducted above flight level 25,000, a crewmember shall... Correct Answer instruct the passengers on the necessity of using oxygen in the event of cabin depressurization and shall point out when to use them, the location, and demonstrate [Show More]

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