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ATLS10 exam questions with answers (answers outlined!!)

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1. A 24-year-old male pedestrian, struck by an automobile, is admitted to the emergency department 1 hour after injury. His blood pressure is 80/60 mmHg, heart rate 140 beats per minute and respir... atory rate is 36 per minute. He is lethargic. Oxygen is delivered via face mask, and two largecaliber IVs are initiated. Arterial blood gases are obtained. His PaO2 is 118 mmHg (15.7 kPa), PaCO2 is 30 mmHg (4.0 kPa), and pH is7.21. The treatment of his acid-base disorder is best accomplished by: a. Hyperventilation b. Restoration of normal perfusion c. Initiation of low-dose dopamine d. Administration of sodium bicarbonate e. Initiation of phenylepinephrine infusion 2. The highest priority in managing a patient whose injuries include closed extremity fractures is: a. Assesing limb perfusion b. Preventing necrosis of the skin c. Decompressing compartment syndrome d. Addressing respiratory insufficiency Identifying crush syndrome 3. A 34-year-old female is involved in a motor vehicle crash is brought to the emergency department. She is talking, but her voice is hoarse and on exposure she has diagonal bruising of the chest and anterior neck. What is the next step? a. Direct laryngoscopy to exclude laryngeal trauma b. Oxygen by non-rebreathing mask c. Protecting the spine by making her lie down d. Palpation of the anterior neck e. Attaching a pulse oximeter to her finger 4. A 30-year-old male sustains a gunshot wound to the right lower chest, midway between the nipple and the costal margin. He is brought by ambulance to a hospital that has full surgical capabilities. In the emergency department he is endotracheally intubated, fluid resuscitation is initiated through two large-caliber IV lines, and a closed tube thoracostomy is [Show More]

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