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BIO 256 Case Study Week 4: Urinary System, Mr. P is 77 yrs old and is having urinary problems.

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History:Mr. P is 77 yrs. old and is having urinary problems. He urinates more frequently than he didwhen he was younger, but he still can't seem to fully empty his bladder. He has to get up severaltim... es at night to use the bathroom and it is exhausting him!Physical exam: consider what exam would be helpful in determining his diagnosis.Labs: urinalysis is normalAssessment: Urinary obstruction due to ______?DeliverablesAnswer the following questions based on the scenario and article above and save your responsesin a Microsoft Word document. Provide a scholarly resource in APA format to support youranswers. 1.Trace the flow of urine from the collecting duct to the urethral meatus.Collecting duct -> duct of Bellini -> Calyces open in pelvis -> ureter -> urinarybladder -> urethra -> urethral opening (Abreu, S. (2017). 2.Based on your knowledge of the male urinary tract, what normal organ is most likelyobstructing the urinary outflow?Prostate 3.Based on the anatomic location of this structure, how can this structure be examined? It is examined by what they call a digital rectum exam (DRE) because the prostatelies in front of the rectum you can feel it by inserting a gloved, lubricated finger into the rectum(Robinson, J. (2002). 4.Based on your knowledge of anatomical differences, why are women more likely thanmen to get urinary tract infections?Women are more likely to get urinary tract infection because their ureter is shorterthan in the male urinary tract. 5.Predict the consequences of the inability to empty the bladder.It can cause high blood pressure, leg swelling, and eventually kidney failure. [Show More]

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