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Coun 5320 Case Study Week 2 Adlerian Theory Adlerian Theory Case Study Assignment Heidi B. Jaquez Houston Baptist University Adlerian Theory Case Study Assign... ment Roger is a 43-year old husband and father. Roger and his wife are both mangers at their company, both experiencing possibly jobs loses causing a strain on their personal lives. During Roger’s college days he experienced drinking and hang out with friends at bars. Roger’s wife was aware that he did drink in his earlier years but never discovered it as alcohol addiction, just casual drinking. Annette, Roger’s wife knew his family had struggled with alcohol addiction before. She knew Roger’s mother was an alcoholic and died from drinking before the age of 70, as well as Roger’s brother, who has been in and out of detox centers. Annette noticed that Roger was coming home later from work than usual realizing he had been stopping at bars, increasing his alcohol consumption and routine higher each week. The family realizes that due to Roger’s alcohol consumptions it has strongly impacted their lifestyle. Roger has recently been watching pornography, he has become more angry showing his emotion through yelling, and leaving his family. Roger’s feels as if he needs alcohol too calm him down after a stressful day at work. His family believes that due to his consumption of alcohol he has attended less church, attention towards his family, and careless about his job. After months of denying counseling for his addiction, he has finally comes to an settlement to attend only for his family wishes. Roger mindset is in a negative state, he has no motivation to stop his addiction. Adlerian psychotherapy can help counselors get to the core root of the problem that has cause Roger substance use disorder. - - - - Continued [Show More]

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