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NRCME EXAM 2023 Questions With 100% Correct Answers

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Vision requirements *** 20/40 each eye and 20/40 both eyes Peripheral vision *** 70 degrees Federal exemption for monocular vision: can certify for how long? *** 1 year hearing requirements *** whi... sper at not less than 5 feet better ear, or average hearing loss no greater than 40 dB at 500Hz, 1000Hz, 2000 Hz. name 4 otic conditions that are automatic DQs *** Meniere's, uncontrolled vertigo, labyrinthine fistula, nonfunctioning labyrinth Max cert period for Syncope *** 1 year (needs neurologist clearance) Post MI drivers can be certified for 1 year with all 5 of these criteria: (almost the same criteria for post CABG) (first 4 also apply for CHF drivers) *** 1. Asymptomatic 2. Tolerating meds 3. Satisfactory ETT with workload capacity of 6 METs (has to have this biennially) 4. LVEF >=40% 5. No ST depression on ECG - for post CABG this one is replaced by completely healed sternal incision Stable angina: max cert period *** 1 year minimum waiting period post CABG *** 3 months Min waiting period for post heart transplant *** 1 year [Show More]

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