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AAPC CPC Chapter 5 ( with questions & 100% verified correct answers)

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AAPC CPC Chapter 5 ( with questions & 100% verified correct answers)D - ✔✔A patient is diagnosed with pressure ulcers on each heel. Each heel displays bone involvement with no evidence of necrosi... s. Select the diagnosis code(s). A) L97.406 B) L89.619 C) L89.610, L89.620 D) L89.619, L89.629 C - ✔✔A patient with age-related osteoporosis suffers a pathologic fracture to her right hip. She is being seen for this new fracture today. Select the diagnosis code(s). A) M81.0, Z87.311 B) S72.091A, M80.851A C) M80.051A D) M80.851A C - ✔✔A 55-year-old female with right hydronephrosis presents for a cystourethroscopy with a retrograde pyelogram. What is the correct diagnosis code? A) Q62.11 B) Q62.0 C) N13.30 D) N13.6 C - ✔✔A pregnant female, at 21 weeks, is diagnosed with iron-deficiency anemia and is sent to the clinic for a transfusion. Select the diagnosis code(s). A) O99.012 B) D50.9, Z34.92 C) O99.012, D50.9, Z3A.21 D) D50.9, O99.012 D - ✔✔A male newborn, delivered vaginally in the hospital, is born with jaundice. Select the diagnosis code(s) for the newborn's record. A) P59.9, Z38.30 B) R17, O80, Z37.0 C) P59.9 D) Z38.00, P59.9 C - ✔✔A 4-year-old male is brought to the hospital by his mother. Today he is going to have surgery to repair his Cheiloschisis. Assign the correct code for his condition. A) Q38.0 B) Q38.5 C) Q36.9 D) Q37.9 [Show More]

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