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State Farm Estimatics Questions and Answers 2022/2023 COMPLETE SOLUTION ( A+ GRADED 100% VERIFRIED)

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State Farm Estimatics Questions and Answers 2022/2023 COMPLETE SOLUTION ( A+ GRADED 100% VERIFRIED) In property insurance actual cash value is defined as which of the following Correct Answer Repla... cement cost at the time of the loss, less depreciation Peril is most easily defined as Correct Answer the cause of loss insured against What is a leading factor in the determination of actual cash value Correct Answer replacement cost Replacement cost is defined as Correct Answer full replacement of property at its current cost, new and without reduction for depreciation Property insurance that provides 100k coverage for a building and 50k coverage for personal property at a single location is called Correct Answer Specific coverage Which of the following is used in the formula for calculating the actual cash value of a property Correct Answer replacement cost What is the purpose of the coinsurance clause found in property insurance policies? Correct Answer Encourage the insured to insure the property closer to its full value An insured has a liability policy that sets the amount at 50k for all claims that arise from a single incident. which type of limit of liability does this insured's policy have? Correct Answer per occurrence When the amount of insurance written in a property policy is not subject to any coinsurance provision and that amount is paid in the event of a covered loss, the coverage is said to be written as Correct Answer stated amount What is stated amount coverage Correct Answer In stated amt coverage the value of the insured property is determined at the time the policy is written. in the event of a loss, that amount is paid without regard to any coinsurance provision. However, if the loss is less than the total, the insurer has salvage rights with the insured having first right of refusal of the salvage. What type of liability would a person who owns a swimming pool have? Correct Answer Absolute What is absolute liability Correct Answer Any conduct that is inherently dangerous imposes absolute liability. the claimant does not have to prove anything Insurable interest in the property covered in a policy must be proven Correct Answer at the time of loss [Show More]

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