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LETRS-Chapter-1_Questions and answers. Rated A. 2022/2023.

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LETRS Ch 1, Questions and answers. Rated A. 2022/2023. important elements of school readiness are (2) - ✔✔1) school-entry academic levels 2) attention skills Not good indicators of academ... ic success - ✔✔social-emotional characteristics alphabetic knowledge phonological awareness rapid naming tasks writing/writing name phonological short-term memory tasks - ✔✔what effective preschools emphasize children with spoken language problems often have difficulty learning to - ✔✔read and write children with reading and writing problems often have difficulty with - ✔✔spoken language speaking and listening - ✔✔oral language letter/sound association - ✔✔phonological awareness print awareness concepts, alphabetic knowledge, and being a writer - ✔✔print knowledge know the PreK standards provide learning opportunities based on individual needs assess children's learning and adjust teaching so that standards are mastered - ✔✔job of a PreK teacher [Show More]

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