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D220 Pre-Test part 2 answered correctly

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D220 Pre-Test part 2 answered correctly A heparin medication error and a subsequent failure mode effects analysis (FMEA) results in the purchase of smart pumps. How do smart pumps reduce the potent... ial for medication errors? -✔✔ Dosing limits and alerts are provided. Mobile health (mHealth) apps have demonstrated benefits to patients by increasing engagement and participation in care. What is a benefit for clinicians? -✔✔ Integrates with electronic health records (EHRs) A facility has noted a decrease in revenue related to inaccuracies in coding. A nurse recommends computer-assisted coding (CAC) as a solution. What is the financial benefit of CAC? -✔✔ CAC improves coding accuracy. A nurse manager is informed that bedside nurses have begun using a workaround for scanning a patient's armband prior to medication administration. The nurse manager finds that several patients are missing armbands and that their armbands are connected to their bed frames. What is the nurse manager's first course of action for this workaround to bedside-scanning technology? -✔✔ Question nursing staff about what issues have caused this Currently, a facility uses phones and pagers for clinician communication. This technology is due for replacement. A nurse recommends replacing with all-in-one mobile devices. What is the benefit of all-in-one mobile technology over the current devices? -✔✔ It integrates functionality within the EHR. A nurse in a primary care provider's office needs to review results from a patient's cardiology consultation. Using health information exchange (HIE) technology, the nurse requests this information from the cardiologist's office. Which type of exchange is described? -✔✔ Query based An informatics nurse is working on genomics data to facilitate disease identification and develop individualized treatment plans for patients in a complex medical facility. What is considered a fundamental requirement for valid interpretation of genomics data? -✔✔ High throughput computing system Which medical device is useful in establishing an effective monitoring system for a patient with acute brain injury? -✔✔ Temperature probe An informatics nurse is collaborating with a nursing director of a long-term care facility to address an ongoing issue with medication errors. Which solution should they consider? -✔✔ Use digital platform and barcode systems What are the correct steps in medication administration that require scanning verification? -✔✔ Scan the serial numbers on the medication label and patient's identification bracelet. Which healthcare data set would allow identification of performance gaps and establishment of realistic targets for improvement? -✔✔ Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) Which situation places a clinical decision support system (CDDS) at risk for corrupt datasets? -✔✔ A nurse updates a patient's medical history after learning of a medical condition via social media. How does an informatics nurse apply expertise in workflow and technology? -✔✔ By analyzing the impact of new technologies [Show More]

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